Creating a beautiful home that prioritizes comfort and style is a goal for many homeowners, especially in Kerala, where cultural values and aesthetics significantly influence daily life. The moderately priced homes could be constructed to be attractive and practical by including traditional elements that reflect the region’s rich history and maximize the possibilities of small areas. For Low Cost Middle Class Home Interior Design, finding the balance within a budget is a matter of creativity and design, but the result can turn a home into a welcoming, warm home.

This blog explores new and cost-effective designs specifically designed for middle class Kerala home interior design. The focus is on local-sourced materials, multi-functional furniture, and intelligent use of space; we offer useful tips and suggestions to increase the appeal of your home without costing you a fortune. With EV Interiors, a firm focused on eco-friendly and sustainable designs that align with Kerala homeowners’ traditional but evolving style and lifestyle. We invite you to join us as we look into affordable ways to make your home elegant and comfortable. It’s also uniquely yours.

This blog explores new and cost-effective interior designs specifically designed for low cost middle class home interior design in Kerala. The focus is on local-sourced materials, multi-functional furniture, and intelligent use of space; we offer useful tips and suggestions to increase the appeal of your home without costing you a fortune. With EV Interiors, a firm focused on eco-friendly and sustainable designs that align with Kerala homeowners’ traditional but evolving style and lifestyle. We invite you to join us as we look into affordable ways to make your home elegant and comfortable. It’s also uniquely yours.

Benefits of Middle Class Home Interior Design

Middle class home interior design offers numerous benefits, making stylish living accessible and affordable. One of the key advantages is accessibility, allowing homeowners to implement elegant design solutions without overspending. Practicality is another major benefit, as these designs emphasize durable, low-maintenance materials perfect for daily use, ensuring longevity and ease of upkeep. Moreover, middle class home interior design can integrate traditional Kerala elements, blending cultural heritage with modern aesthetics to create a rich, diverse environment that feels personal and timeless. This approach not only enhances the home’s beauty but also reinforces cultural values and traditions. Click here for some simple house interior design kerala.

10 Best Middle Class Home Design Models

Making a fashionable and cozy home with a tight budget is attainable by utilizing a sense of design. There are many types of affordable middle class home design for interiors that can help you transform an area of living without spending a fortune:

 1. Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is renowned for its open and minimalist design. It has clean white walls and useful minimalist furniture. The style is characterized by simple lines, clear lines, and a clutter-free space, which makes it ideal for smaller areas. The usage of naturally soft, simple textures and neutral colors make for a relaxing and calming ambiance.

 2. Modern Design

Modern design is distinguished by a minimalist and sleek design that typically includes glass, metal, and striking geometric shapes in a neutral color scheme. The style is focused on form and function, with a focus on spacious floor plans and the absence of clutter. Modern furniture tends to be slim and practical, offering aesthetics and practicality in middle class home design.

3. Industrial Design

The industrial design gives a rough, unfinished look, with particular accents on open spaces of metal and wood furniture along with darker neutral hues. The main elements are the exposed bricks of walls, metallic fixtures, and reclaimed wood items. This style is perfect for those who love the urban and edgy style that effortlessly blends modernity and classic appeal.

4. Bohemian Design


Bohemian style, also known as Boho, is broad and vibrant, featuring the best of organic and patterned fabrics and DIY projects that can be customized. It is characterized by bright colors, soft fabric, and a variety of influences derived from diverse cultures; this style focuses on individuality and imagination. Boho is perfect for people who love an artistic, comfortable style in middle class home design.

5. Farmhouse Design

The farmhouse style exudes warm and rustic appeal by using shiplap walls, distressed wood, and vintage elements. Most often, the materials are reclaimed. This style creates a feeling of nostalgia and warmth. The main elements are wooden beams, farmhouse sinks, and an array of neutral, soft colors. It’s a great way to create an intimate, cozy environment in middle class home design.

6. Transitional Design

Transitional design merges contemporary and traditional styles, featuring neutral colors and a balanced aesthetic. It combines the best of both worlds by integrating conventional furnishings with modern accents. It’s a harmonious style that is elegant and comfortable.

7. Eclectic Design

Eclectic design is a combination of vibrant colors, diverse furniture, and distinctive accessories, usually including DIY elements. This design style permits plenty of personal expression by blending different styles and periods into an aesthetically pleasing, lively space. It’s ideal for people who are averse to experimenting and mixing up different elements in middle class home design.

8. Coastal Design

The design of the coastal area is airy and light, which is influenced by the beach. It is characterized by natural materials, soft blues, and nautical-themed accents. The style is designed to bring the peace and vibe of the ocean into your home, using elements such as wicker furniture, stripes of fabrics, and seashells as accessories. It’s the perfect way to create an atmosphere of relaxation and breezy.

9. Minimalist Design

The minimalist design is clean and clear, with neutral hues as well as clean lines. The focus is on practical spaces. This style focuses on the fundamentals by removing unnecessary things to create a calm and tidy environment for middle class home design. Its main characteristics include minimalist color schemes, basic furniture, and an overall feeling of light and space.

10. Rustic Design

The rustic style is warm and cozy, and it is made of natural wood, stone, and earthy hues. A lot of times, it incorporates reclaimed materials. It brings the charm of nature inside. Create a warm and inviting interior that stands out from the crowd by incorporating exposed stone fireplaces and wooden beams of rustic and classic furniture. 

Take advantage of budget-friendly items found in DIY initiatives, second hand shops, and discount retailers to create a cozy space that reflects your design.

Top Low Cost Middle Class Home Interior Design Ideas

Making a comfortable and stylish home affordable is attainable with careful design and an eye on function. Here are some suggestions for creating gorgeous, budget-friendly interiors for middle class home design.

1. Traditional Kerala Living Room

Change your living room to an inviting and cozy space that celebrates Kerala traditional home design. Opt for a seating arrangement that fosters interactions with friends and family. Include local wood and bamboo furniture, which are affordable and sustainable. Accentuate your room with brass lighting, traditional art objects like Kathakali murals or masks, and beautiful indoor plants such as palms and ferns. These features add to the aesthetic appeal and provide a relaxing and culturally rich space in middle class home design.

2. Contemporary Minimalist Bedroom

Create a serene and clutter-free space using a modern, minimalist design. Opt for a minimalist design incorporating storage solutions to maximize space and eliminate visual clutter. MDF furniture, a cheap alternative to solid wood, offers strength and an elegant, contemporary look. Choose light-colored curtains and bedding to increase the airy and brightness of your room. Choose practical and minimal decor with a few thoughtfully placed items, such as an elegant bedside lamp or artwork, that can give the room individuality without weighing down the room.

3. Functional Modular Kitchen

 Create a practical and efficient kitchen by using a modular U or L-shaped layout to maximize space and storage efficiency which is best for middle class small house interior design. Laminate countertops provide a low-cost and durable option, with a wide range of colors and patterns. Modular storage systems include drawers and shelves that can be pulled out to ensure everything is organized and easily accessible. Install colorful backsplash tiles to add an element of life and color to your kitchen. Check for some spring color trends 2024 here. The shelves can be opened to store and display space for commonly used objects and decorative items.

4. Cozy Small House Interiors

Maximize the value of smaller spaces by using clever design and space-saving furniture alternatives. Use open shelves instead of heavy cabinets to create a feeling of space and accessibility storage. Multi-purpose furniture, like sofa beds or extendable dining tables, can be adapted to various needs and help save space. Using light curtains and mirrors strategically placed in the room increases natural light, making rooms appear bigger. Pick a neutral color scheme to ensure a consistent and airy feel throughout the home. Click here for some best space management tips for homes.

5. Elegant Dining Area

Create a stylish and practical dining space by using tables that are compact and suitable for the space. A table that can be extended is a great option for hosting guests without requiring additional space every day. Choose sturdy, low-maintenance surfaces such as wood or laminate for your chair and table. Create the perfect setting for memorable dinners with an impressive centerpiece and welcoming lighting. A stunning arrangement of flowers or a classy vase with a stylish bowl can give a hint of elegance without overpowering the table. Chandeliers, pendant lighting, and similar fixtures provide an inviting atmosphere, which can enhance the eating experience.

6. Modern Bathroom Design

Create a modern bathroom that blends style and efficiency. Utilize clean lines and minimalist appliances to achieve a clean and contemporary appearance. The light-colored tiles on the floors and walls reflect light, making the room appear larger and more bright. Effective use of space is essential in small bathrooms; consider integrated storage options like cabinets or shelves with recessive shelving to store your necessities in order and away from view. Glass showers with frames or simple tubs add a bit of elegance without taking up too much space.

Make your home stylish and budget-friendly by following these tips for design! Opt for furniture with multiple functions that maximize space without spending a fortune. Innovative strategies for reducing space will allow you to make the most of your space arrangement. To enhance your home’s appearance and green credentials, consider the use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly ways of living for middle class home design.


In the end, building the most stylish and cost-effective home is attainable by focusing on design and concentrating on function. By taking advantage of local culture, making the most of space, and using affordable materials, you can transform your home from a middle-class one into a stunning and cozy place to relax. EV Interiors is dedicated to making this dream a reality by providing sustainable and eco-friendly designs that reflect Kerala’s culture, which is both traditional and evolving. Take advantage of these suggestions to create a home that reflects Kerala house design in your values and personality while still retaining affordability and class. Select EV Interiors to guide you in making your dream home into an actual reality that is practical as well as visually pleasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most affordable products for interior design at home that are suitable for interior design in Kerala?

Answer: Affordable Materials include bamboo, MDF and locally sourced wood.

2. how do we maximize space in a small apartment?

Answer: Use furniture with multiple functions, open floor plans, and vertical space-saving solutions.

3. Which colors are the most appropriate for creating a low-cost interior?

Answer:  Light neutral shades with a few accents work well to make a roomy and elegant appearance.

4. How can I incorporate traditional Kerala elements for a small price?

Answer:  Yes, using local craftsmen, such as brass and wood carvings, can give traditional touches for a price.

5. Do you have any DIY decorating ideas for a middle-class home?

Answer:  Yes, using local craftsmen, such as brass and wood carvings, can give traditional touches for a price.