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In the intricate dance between living and architecture the significance of interior design becomes an empowering force, transforming spaces into sanctuaries that are a reflection of our individuality. Welcome to EV Interiors, the best interior designers in Kozhikode. More than a mere design company we at EV Interiors are convinced of the significant impact that conscious design has on our lives. Our goal is to bring life back into spaces by bringing them to life with a harmonious mix of design and function. We invite you to live in a world that is where emotion and design meet, and where your ideas come to life through the vivid carpet of Calicut’s interiors through EV Interiors.

EV Interior : Top Interior Designers In Calicut

As a top interiors in Calicut We handle various projects like modular kitchen , living rooms, kids room, bedroom interiors, dining room, commercial interior designs and more, ensuring they fit your budget and style perfectly. These all make us the top interior designers in Calicut. We use modern technology for beautiful and practical kitchen. Our team makes sure to use space well, considering how you cook. Your living room deserves the best – we create elegant, comfy spaces for socializing and relaxing. Our designs for living-dining partitions are both beautiful and useful. We find creative solutions to make your home flow seamlessly. 


Services Offered By EV Interior

architectural planning

Architecture Planning

Architectural planning, a vital service offered by our interior design  company, involves strategic design to optimize space functionality, aesthetics and efficiency, ensuring distinctive and purposeful interiors for our clients.

2D & 3D Visualization

Our interior design company offers 2D & 3D visualization, a service that transforms ideas into vivid images, giving clients a realistic preview of their envisioned spaces before implementation.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation, a key service provided by our interior design company, ensures accurate assessment and forecasting of project costs, transparency and adherence to budget constraints for our clients.


Consultation, a key service in our interior design offerings, involves personal discussions with clients, understanding their needs and preferences and providing expert advice to kickstart their unique design journey

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration, a core service at our design company, focuses on enhancing spaces by combining aesthetic choices, colors, textures, and furniture to create a visually appealing environment for clients. Undoubtedly, we are the best interior designers in Kerala.

Interior Furniture Designing

Interior furniture designing, a featured service in our portfolio, involves crafting bespoke furniture solutions that seamlessly combine functionality with style, enhance spaces and reflect our clients’ unique preferences.

Why Choose EV Interiors?

Complete Customisation

2D & 3D Design

Factory Products

On Time Delivery

Quality Assurance

Opportunity to Select Accessories

Best Pricing & Products

100% Customer Satisfaction

Portfolio Showcase

interior designers in calicut

Bed Room Design

Open Modular Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen Design

living room design

Living Room Design

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Concept Development & Design

Construction & Execution

Installation & Styling

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“EV interior designers in Calicut made the  task of re-designing our house an easy task.  EV Interiors transformed our home into one that feels truly like us. Highly recommended to anyone looking for the best Interior designers in calicut.”

Rahul and Priya - Calicut

“Working with EV Interiors on our office project was an absolute pleasure. Their understanding of the unique demands of commercial spaces was impressive.EV Interiors in calicut  is undoubtedly a go-to choice for businesses looking to enhance their workspace.”

Maya - Calicut

“Choosing EV Interiors for my home in Calicut was a fantastic decision. Their attention to detail and creative designs transformed my space into a stylish and functional haven. Exceptional service and professionalism throughout the process!”

Suresh Menon - Calicut

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose the best interior designer ?

While choosing an interior designer, you need to consider their past projects, Check reviews and testimonials from previous clients, discuss your vision and ensure they understand your needs, Consider their communication style and professionalism.

2. Do you handle both residential and commercial projects in Calicut?

We are experienced in the design of commercial and residential interiors  in Calicut. Our team is well-equipped to manage projects of varying sizes and complexity.

3. How long does the interior design process take?

The duration of the interior design process varies depending on the scope of the project. We provide estimated timelines during the initial consultation and strive to complete projects efficiently without compromising on quality.

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