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Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, sits quietly along the shores of the Arabian Sea and brings life to its vibrant history and cultural fabric. Amid its vibrant landscapes lies an unheralded gem: interior design. Here it not only beautifies homes but serves as an integral reflection of Kozhikode’s past as well as present-day lifestyles – it becomes part of its identity as a city!

Kozhikode homes, like pages in an engaging novel, tell captivating tales of tradition and modernity inextricably bound together. Interior design has never been more vital as residents search for spaces that not only exude elegance but also reflect this culturally vibrant city. Professional interior designer, EV Interiors,  play a vital role in this pursuit by orchestrating an ensemble that integrates functionality, style and local identity harmoniously.

Interior designers in Kozhikode can unlock an untold array of possibilities when embarking on an interior design journey together. Their experts navigate an intricate mix of traditional elements and contemporary interior design, crafting spaces that reflect the soul of this vibrant city. Reviving heritage homes to crafting modern abodes with nods to tradition – interior designers in Kozhikode breathe life into bricks and mortar spaces to turn mere structures into living narratives worth cherishing. Let us introduce you to this captivating world of interior design where every space becomes canvas art telling its own tale – come explore it together with famous interior designers in kerala

Services Offered By EV Interior Designers in Kozhikode

interior designers in kozhikode

Architectural Planning

At our interior design company, one of the core services offered is architectural planning which  encompasses the architectural design process. This involves creating space-planning strategies to optimize functionality, aesthetics and efficiency while creating distinct yet purposeful interior environments for our clients.

2D & 3D Visualization

EV interiors, interior designers in calicut offers 2D & 3D visualization, which transforms ideas into vivid images for clients to get a realistic preview of their proposed spaces before implementation begins.

Cost Estimation

Our interior design firm’s Estimation and Costing  service ensures accurate assessment and forecasting of project costs, in accordance with clients’ budget constraints and timeline.



one of our cornerstone services in interior design, involves personal meetings with clients to assess their unique design requirements and provide expert guidance as they embark on their design journey.

Interior Decoration

Decor Our design company’s core service for interior decorating focuses on improving spaces by blending aesthetic choices, colors, textures, and furniture to create visually appealing environments for our clients.

Interior Furniture Design

One of our featured services at Homescape Interiors, interior furniture designing involves crafting unique solutions that combine style and function in order to enhance spaces while meeting our clients’ individual preference

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Concept Development & Design

Construction & Execution

Installation & Styling

Portfolio Showcase

Why Choose EV Interiors

Complete Customisation

2D & 3D Design


Factory Product

On Time Delivery

Quality Assurance


Opportunity to Select Accessories


Best Pricing & Products

100% Customer Satisfaction


“Selecting an interior designer in Kozhikode was no small decision, and I am so pleased that I chose the EV Interiors  team. Their attention to space utilization and attention to detail transformed my home into an inviting haven; while their personalized approach and commitment to fulfilling my vision were truly outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend them for those in Kozhikode looking for some added brilliance in their living spaces.”

Salma N

Roger  M. of Kozhikode found working with EV  interior designers an absolute pleasure, as they expertly combined aesthetics and functionality, designing an amazing home for us that not only looks incredible but fits in seamlessly with our lifestyle perfectly. Their use of local elements as well as knowledge of Kozhikode architecture added charm – I was truly pleased with their exceptional service.

Roger M

Deepthi S. of Kozhikode needed an interior designer who could handle everything quickly and deliver stunning results, and the EV Interiors  team did exactly that! Their professionalism, creativity, and ability to meet deadlines was truly impressive; I now live in an inviting space that reflects both my personal taste and provides luxurious living space – highly recommend these interior designers in Kozhikode!

Deepthi S

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What does an interior designer do?

Interior Designers turn visions into reality. We work from the inside out, taking into consideration the architectural style, geographical location, lifestyle and preference of our clients, as well as any other parameters, to which we then add our experience and expertise in combining shapes, colours, materials, finishes, furniture, lighting, soft furnishing and décor element to a successful scheme.

2. What type of projects can you do?

EV Interiors  offers Interior Design Consultations  for residential and commercial properties. These projects can range from one room to an entire house for partial and full furnishing as well as renovations including bathrooms and kitchens.

3. I don’t know what style I want – can you still help?

Many clients can be uncertain which style best reflects their vision for their living or working space, which is perfectly normal. An interior designer can help guide the exploration of various styles until one resonates with you. We’ll work closely together during our collaboration session to explore this further; discussing preferences, lifestyle needs and any images that resonate. Once identified we can then use these elements to craft designs tailored specifically for your tastes that meet needs while reflecting your tastes and fulfilling requirements. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients discover a style that enhances the space.

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