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Let us look at the Importance of Interior Design. Interior design is essential to making homes both beautiful and practical, creating environments that look good while serving their inhabitants well. Interior designers use both art and science in their efforts, creating spaces that look good while being functional for those living there.

To do this successfully, they employ both techniques of art as well as science – using these methods they ensure homes not only look stunningly appealing but are also practical spaces. Interior designers in Thrissur create welcoming environments through interior design that go beyond simply pleasing the eye; their goal is to ensure homes meet both comfort and functionality needs for daily life. So interior design is not simply about making things beautiful; rather it aims at making homes both appealing to look at and functional for daily living needs.

At EV Interiors, One of the best Interior Designers in Kerala, we recognize that everyone has different needs and tastes for their homes. That’s why our approach is tailored specifically to you; from initial concept through completion we will guide your journey so your dreams become a reality as easily as possible. We look forward to being part of your journey towards creating your ideal space!

Interior Designers In Thrissur: Importance of Interior Design

Importance of Interior Design: EV offers various designs such as Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Kids’ room Interiors, Kitchen, and commercial decor’

Living Room Design

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An expertly designed living room should combine style and comfort for optimal relaxation and socializing. At its heart lies cozy seating arrangements designed to encourage conversation; textures and colors add visual interest. Versatile lighting such as floor lamps create an inviting ambiance, adapting to various activities. Finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality when selecting furniture is crucial; storage solutions should be prioritized. Furniture placement ensures smooth traffic flow for an inviting living area that serves as the hub of home life.

Dining Room Design

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Dining room design should foster meal enjoyment and social gatherings. When selecting table and chair sets for family or social use, style and comfort must both be carefully considered when making this important choice.  Furniture arrangement promotes easy movement while encouraging community spirit; personal touches such as artwork or centerpieces make the dining area truly reflective of its inhabitants’ taste while at the same time providing essential functionality – creating meaningful connections through aesthetics + functionality!

Bedroom Design


Bedroom interior design should focus on creating an environment conducive to relaxation and restfulness, using colors, textures and lighting strategically selected. Furniture selection must also be both aesthetic and practical. An intelligent combination of pieces like bedside tables and lamps adds functionality to a bedroom interior design scheme.  Overall, bedrooms should aim to foster comfort, tranquility and reflect an individual’s personal style while creating an oasis of restful slumber.

Kitchen Design


Modular Kitchen  should combine functionality with style for maximum enjoyment in the space. Practicality should take the lead with carefully chosen appliances and storage solutions, maximizing space utilization efficiently. The layout encourages easy movement during cooking, with cabinets and countertops strategically arranged to maximize convenience. Furthermore,colours in interior design  and durable materials create an appealing, contemporary


Initial Consultaion

Concept Development and Design

Construction and Execution

Installation and Styling


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Simple Furniture Design


Small Modular Kitchen


  • Complete customisation
  • Out perfect 2D & 3D design
  • Factory products
  • On time delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Opportunity to select accessories
  • Best pricing & products
  • 100% customer satisfaction


I am  very pleased with EV Interior’s work; their attention to detail, creative flair, and dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. With their help our ideas became reality creating spaces which not only look good but are functional too.”

Sara - Patturaikkal

“EV Interiors is an exceptional design company! Their fresh and modern aesthetic has given our home an updated feel, while the personalized approach and innovative designs made the entire process enjoyable – they  exceeded my expectations!”

Rajesh K. - Kunnamkulam

“Choosing EV Interiors was the smartest move we made for our home. Their specialization in creating unique yet elegant designs set them apart. EV Interiors understood  our style preferences and incorporate them seamlessly into their design plan.”

Neetha M - Kolazi.



1. Can you show me some examples of some of your best work?

Sure! Our portfolio demonstrates our vast array of projects, which demonstrate both our design capabilities and their successful transformation of spaces. 

2. Can you explain your design process?

Our design process typically begins with an initial consultation, followed by conceptualization and planning, design development, client feedback, revisions, and final implementation. At each step we collaborate closely to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

3. What would the timeframe of my project be?

Project timelines vary based on project size and complexity. At initial consultations, we provide an estimated timeline, but factors like client responsiveness or unexpected challenges could alter it further.

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