kerala home interior design

Kerala home interior designs are a sweet memory recall for those who visited the god’s own country, Kerala. The eye-catching beauty and traditional architectural works will make everyone love it. The design ideas we share in this blog will change your home look entirely, but only a good idea will not make a change. You need the best and most experienced companion for it. So, who are the famous interior designers  companies in Kerala? EV INTERIORS Thrissur’s speciality is their experienced workers who can make your wish into reality, and the quality of work and dedication towards the work is why they have become no 1 interior design companies in thrissur

kerala style interior design

The traditional architecture of this region reflects its rich cultural past and showcases traditional buildings with timber, stone and brick. Common sense prevails, and homes are built to naturally combat the torrential downpours and keep the indoors cool even in the sweltering hot and humid summers. So, the material selection is essential in this case, so choose a good interior designer who doesn’t compromise the quality of the material, like EV interiors Thrissur. Thus they become number 1 interior design companies in kerala.

Even today, Malayalis are fiercely traditional and carry their roots wherever they go. If you’d like to use Kerala-inspired elements in your home interior, we’re here to show you how Kerala home interior design ideas help you


New Trends in Kerala Home Interior Designs

Regarding interior design, people often confuse modern and traditional interiors. In the past, people liked to choose modernity over tradition, but now things have changed. Modernity is based on functionality, creating less positive energy for us. Traditional designing is old and fascinating, and in the case of functionality, it fails, so we can mix it and create a fusion of functionality and tradition so the kerala traditional home design are changing its style.

People are now choosing the fusion type of interior design. Now, climate changes are making our day-to-day lives difficult, so to survive the extreme climate changes, we must live with more attachment to nature, ventilation, light harvesting, and thermal insulation materials.

This is a visible change nowadays. Now, home is not only a livingspace. Work-from-home professionals are increasing nowadays, so home is a workplace, too. So, in this stressful era, people need to relax in the interiors of their homes. Peaceful colour combinations, easy access, and functionality are essential. Traditional style is excellent for those who love antiques, want the nostalgia of the old days, and choose a fusion of modernity and traditionality.


1. New trends in Kerala style interior design bedroom 

kerala style interior design

In the case of bedroom interior design, people consider their bedrooms more than sleeping places, places for beautiful memories, and workplaces. Too below are some factors that people are thinking about now 

1.1 Colour combinations 

kerala style interior design

Eye-appealing colours that keep us calm are used in bedrooms to keep us cheerful, and colours like purple and white combinations and light yellow shades will naturally reflect sunlight and make bedrooms more peaceful. Our Kerala traditional painting techniques they are choosing light colours for home interiors 

1.2 More functionality 

kerala style interior design

Now, people want to use every portion of their house in a functional space. In the case of bedrooms, a cot is used as an additional storage space, and some new trends in wall mound mirrors are used as storage.

1.3 An outside viewing spot in the bedroom

kerala style interior design

Now people are considering a view spot in bedrooms so we can live with nature. The night sky, stars, rain, and thunder will give us a grateful experience and make the bedrooms a sweet memory, creating a spot.

1.4 Plats and wall mountings 

kerala style interior design

Creeping plants and other less maintenance bedroom plants are now using in bedrooms as a mood changer. It creates a natural feeling for us that we are in a landscape or with our mother nature. Curtain trends have changed nowadays in terms of both material and function. Now, people prefer natural bamboo or other wood-type lightweight and straightforward curtains, as well as semi-transparent ones. 

Now, people are more concerned with natural wall covering materials like wood and plants for their cleanness and eye-catching look. other wall decor ideas like small pots and flower vase are also a good idea.

2. Kerala style interior design modular kitchen ideas

kerala style interior design

A new trend in kitchen interior designing is modular kitchens. There are many modular kitchens, but open modular kitchens are preferable for a traditional look. In this type, the designs meet traditionality and functionality equally, so we get the modern features by not compromising our traditional look. The materials chosen are essential; thus, we want the traditional look.

We only use natural materials or high-quality and durable alternative materials. Getting these materials is a challenging task. We need to ensure the quality of each process step so only experienced and professional working and designing partners can do this work like EV interiors. You can implement These design ideas to get a traditional look.


2.1 Traditional looking accessories

kerala style interior design

Accessories like coconut husk rope-made flowerpots, clay pots, and other clay-made home decor are used to give our kitchen a natural look.   Use a natural wood-like finishing look as much as possible because it remembers the old fascinating look of our childhood home kitchens. Adding traditional wall art to the kitchen wall creates a traditional look. Natural painting techniques like mural art will considerably change the look of your kitchen. 

2.2 Warm LED lighting 

kerala style interior design

Lighting is essential and affects the look. You must implement a warm-tone LED strip light if you want a traditional and natural look. It creates a traditional look compared to regular white light. 

3. Kerala home interior design living room ideas

The living room is not just a place for a home; it is the centre of the house where the quality time of a family, memories, and interactions are made, so people are now really concerned about the interior of it. Implementing the natural and traditional look to your living room will also create a positive vibe in your life. These are some ideas you can choose to change your living room look.

3.1 Wooden column designs and wooden ceilings 

kerala style interior design

Wooden column designs are included, making the look considerably different and more luxurious if you are on a tight budget. Three alternative wood-like materials are available in the market, like PVC form boards, a highly durable product that never catches fire or gets wet. Still, only a well-experienced and knowledgeable designer like EV Interior would know how to select the suitable material.

The wooden ceiling and column designs also help to reduce the interior temperature and create extra ventilation.  Adding an extra prayer area beside the pooja room in the living room will give the space positive energy and a traditional look. 

3.2 Tv wall ideas

kerala style interior design