small living room designs in kerala

Small living room designs in kerala are warm and inviting thanks to their combination of contemporary and traditional design. Designs that combine the natural environment, vivid colors, and strategies for reducing space are inspired by Kerala, a place that is known for its rich heritage and stunning scenery.

Small living spaces in Kerala emphasize style and comfort, whether through the use of local materials like coir and wood or open-plan layouts to maximize space. With cautious preparation and creative mind even the littlest rooms can be changed into lovely and useful living spaces. 

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small living room designs in kerala

1.Traditional Elements 

Identifying the features that give Kerala its architectural style is essential to comprehending its aesthetics. The elements like inclined rooftops, wooden carvings, and complex subtleties improve the excellence and capability, especially during the rainstorm season. Laterite stone, wood, and clay tiles are natural materials that blend in with the natural environment. A few perspectives, similar to the focal yard, nalukettu (central courtyard), and the padipura (arched gateway), improve the air quality and permit regular light to be utilized while consolidating magnificence and natural maintainability. These exemplary highlights exhibit Kerala’s rich culture and environmental adaptability.

2.Modern Influences

Current plan patterns are incorporated into Kerala’s customary plans by mixing present-day highlights with exemplary components. This is reflected in contemporary and minimalist furniture made of conventional materials like stone and wood, contemporary materials like steel and glass, and traditional wooden pieces. The open plan joins conventional yards to amplify the space and let in more light. Modern technology, such as smart home systems, is incorporated subtly to preserve style while increasing productivity. This mix makes a stylish yet rich living space regarded as custom while embracing the most recent patterns.


small living room designs in kerala

1.Layout Planning

Living room designs kerala, which is both beautiful and valuable, are essential to combining traditional charm with contemporary utility. Consider an open-plan design to expand space and normal light, a typical current pattern that supplements Kerala’s warm environment. Integrate conventional components, such as wooden furnishings, coir mats, and nearby crafted works.

Seating arrangements should be made so that people can talk to each other and get a clear view of the room’s focal point, such as a TV, a traditional wooden swing, or an intricate piece of wall art. Use multipurpose furniture to save space and incorporate implicit stockpiling solutions to keep the region mess-free. Enormous windows or customary jali(cross-section) work can improve ventilation and light, keeping the breezy

2.Use of Light and Color

Light and colour play a crucial role in the design of Kerala living rooms, making them warm and lively. Large windows, open layouts, and traditional features like the nalukettu (central courtyard), which allow sunlight to flood in, contribute to a bright and airy atmosphere and maximize natural light.

Earthy tones like terracotta, warm browns, and rich greens are popular colour schemes that draw inspiration from the natural surroundings and wall decor ideas. These varieties are often supplemented by dynamic red, yellow, and blue accents, mirroring Kerala’s rich social legacy.


1.Minimalist Chic

small living room designs in kerala

The moderate method utilizes fundamental components like light, structure, and beautiful materials, generally in an open arrangement design, to create a feeling of opportunity and unwinding.

2.Scandinavian Simplicity

small living room designs in kerala

Scandinavian fashions are characterized by their simplicity, minimalism, and practicality. Form-pressed wood, plastics, anodized or enamelled aluminium, or pressed steel are frequently used in this design. Scandinavian homes’ minimalist design focuses on warm functionality, crisp lines, flawless craftsmanship, and understated elegance.

3.Cozy Bohemian

small living room designs in kerala

A free-spirited aesthetic known as boho style emphasizes natural and organic elements from various cultures and artistic expressions. While assembling your boho-style space, blending designs, metals, woods, materials, and creatures stows away, and curiosities from your movements are profoundly energized.

4.Modern Industrial

small living room designs in kerala

Utilize exposed brick, metal, and wood as raw materials. The edgy kitchen backsplash ideas can be created by incorporating minimalist furniture and lighting in the industrial style.

5.Contemporary Zen

small living room designs in kerala

Make a serene space with nonpartisan tones, regular materials, and basic lines. To create a peaceful and balanced environment, incorporate elements like bamboo, stone, and indoor plants.

6.Rustic Charm

small living room designs in kerala

With exposed brick walls, wooden furniture, and vintage decor, embrace a rustic appearance. Utilize warm, natural tones to make a comfortable and welcoming climate.

7.Coastal Breeze

small living room designs in kerala

Use light blues, whites,   to capture the essence of Kerala’s coastline. To give the impression of being on the coast, use wicker furniture and decor with nautical themes.

8.Vintage Elegance

small living room designs in kerala

Integrate old-fashioned furnishings, exemplary examples, and rich textures. If you want to evoke a sense of timeless charm, use a soft colour scheme with pastel tones and elegant decor.

9.Eclectic Mix

small living room designs in kerala

For a vibrant and eclectic look, combine various styles and colours. Create a lively and individual living space by combining multiple pieces of furniture, fabrics, and patterns.

10.Modern Farmhouse

small living room designs in kerala

Combine elements of a rustic farmhouse with contemporary design. A cosy and inviting living room can be created with neutral colours, a mix of wood and metal, and soft textiles.


A Small living room design in Kerala combines traditional charm with modern utility. Whether it’s the moderate style of Scandinavian effortlessness or the comfortable bohemian air, Kerala’s plans mirror a one-of-a-kind mix of social legacy and contemporary feel. Through astute utilization of room, normal light, and privately propelled components, these plans change reduced living regions into welcoming and  that catch the pith of Kerala’s rich structural custom.

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1.How to just embellish a little lounge?
  •  Use a palette of only one color.
  •  Add Interest With Surface.
  • Include luxurious touches.
  •  Include a cushy sectional.

 Combine dark and white tones.

2. What are the components of interior design in Kerala?

The use of natural materials, bright colors, intricate designs, functionality, and open spaces are the main characteristics of an interior in the Kerala style.

3. How big is a small living room?

In the kerala, the average size of a small living room is 10 by 13 feet, or about 130 square feet.

4. How spacious are living rooms?

The Base Standard Front room Size

Ideally around 200 square feet (18.6 square meters)