Discover Kerala Style Interior Design Secrets for Your Home

kerala style interior design

in the serene atmosphere of Kerala by embracing the stunning kerala style interior design inspired by the captivating area! The cultural wealth of Kerala is translated into vivid shades, natural materials and artisanal elements, which create a warm and comfortable environment. 

Imagine sprawling furniture made of wood with intricate brass accents as well as pops of colour reminiscent of Kerala’s beautiful countryside. EV Interiors, a Thrissur-based design firm with expertise throughout Kerala, can make your house the perfect spot to enjoy Keralan charm. Their design style blends kerala traditional home design and modern practicality so that your home reflects both comfort and heritage.

Kerala Style Interior Design Ideas

1. Transform Your Entryway With Stunning Wood Paneling

kerala style interior design

The Kerala style interior design include living spaces equipped with comfortable furniture made of wood and an inviting ambience that fits the morals of the olden days. The entrance door is made of crafted wooden frames. A temple built just opposite the doorway can provide spiritual stimulation and tranquillity

The impact of wood accents is influential throughout the buildings of Kerala. Since timber was abundantly accessible in this area. 

So, it is expected to observe roofs with wood rafters, windows and doors framed in the solid wood of Kerala.

This style of architecture has the presence of high windows that let in plenty of sunlight. The entranceway, modelled after an ordinary Malyali home, has an entire set of features. In addition, the  Kerala style interior design has been complemented by classic decor, such as a wall-mounted veena, a carved console, and a wooden-framed mirror.

However, the most impressive feature in this particular room is the wood panelling for the windows and doors. This is an imposing contrast with the glass floor-to-ceiling windows we have grown accustomed to seeing in contemporary homes.

2. Elevate Your Home’s Style With   Vibrant Flooring In The Living Area

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Regarding the look of your house, flooring could play a crucial role in setting the mood of your living area. If you step into your living space, guests’ attention is immediately drawn to the flooring. This is a crucial element to consider when using Kerala style interior design for your living space.

An area for sitting within a Kerala-inspired home is distinguished by wooden couches, large chairs, recliners, oversized furniture, and a traditional South Indian swing. Although we like the elaborate furniture found in these traditional style living rooms, the most noticeable feature is the flooring made of red oxide.

In Kerala the people of Kerala inherited this flooring design from the Portuguese in the early 1700s. Massive pillars that used to be a foundational element of houses are more often used to decorate

Red oxide is a cost-effective and innovative flooring choice compared to tiles. This flooring not only holds cultural value, but its deep hue can easily be an eye-catching feature of your home’s interior

3. Enjoy Your Kerala Home’s Dining Experience With Stunning Storage Solutions

advantages of interior designing

modern dining room ideas are outfitted with custom tables and chairs adorned with colorful decorations and lights, such as clocks, ornamental pieces, plant pots, and paintings on the walls. Unique decorative furniture pieces can be added to create a luxurious and vibrant atmosphere for meals. This allows people to have a great meal with friends and family following a long day of work or school.

The traditional Kerala style interior design includes a separate dining area, which is part of the cultural requirements for being Malayali. The dining room is visually appealing and earthy, combined with the wooden ceiling details and rustic colours. The classic arched windows in this particular design keep the air cool even when it’s humid and hot outside.

In most homes in the region, the kitchen crockery is kept within niches cut into walls. Cast-in cabinets for crockery feature glass shutters. They’re also tiny and practical, which makes them perfect for apartment living.

4. Transform Your Bedroom With Stunning Wood Polish Designs.

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The bedroom you have is the place that you’ve been searching for. It’s a place to retreat following a long day, to relax, de-stress and refresh. The bedroom must reflect your taste and character while providing absolute comfort. Interior designs with wood can give your bedroom an ideal texture and dimension, turning the space into an inviting and welcoming space which radiates beauty and warmth. The versatility and beauty of wood make it an elegant choice that will adjust to any style, from modern to rustic.

The bedroom is usually a basic arrangement in a Kerala style interior design. Along with ample storage, typically with wooden wardrobes, a bedroom must also be excellent. Thus, the bay windows can be a great option to ensure air circulation. Therefore, you can sleep comfortably even during a hot day.

It’s well-known that the decor of the South india is awash in wooden furniture and other accents. However, what is unique when you look at Kerala homes is the utilization of dark-coloured wood. The polish will always be dark mahogany if you look at an unfinished couch or coffee table with carved carvings. It adds depth and richness to any interior of a residence. This is particularly true when it is paired with furniture in natural hues.

5. Bring The Outdoors In For Beauty, Peace And Fresh Air

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Apart from providing a beautiful accent to your house, they also have several benefits. These include increasing your psychological well-being and improving your body’s energy level. Inviting guests and adding an individual touch to the space you live in.

In the present, no space can be complete without adding potted plant life. In addition, a Kerala style interior design house should be reminiscent of the lush tropical environment in which the home is typically set. Make your house look inviting by incorporating a variety of home plants–some sculptured, while others are ornamental to give your home a vibrant and fresh atmosphere.

Different plants can offer different advantages, so it’s essential to pick the right plants most suitable for your requirements. The most popular indoor plants all homeowners need are:

  • Snake plant.
  • The plant is made of rubber.
  • ZZ plant.
  • Golden pothos.
  • Dragon tree.

These plants are simple to maintain for people who aren’t familiar with indoor plant care. All plants can add vitality to an area; however, depending on the quantity of natural light and the maintenance needed, you must pick the plants well.

Particularly, herbs like rosemary are thought to have a significant impact on the brain’s nervous system as well as including depression. Bamboo is an ideal alternative because it is known to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is an excellent material for flooring, furniture, and even flooring. Bamboo has numerous advantages over bamboo furniture that you already have. Also, you can take into consideration your personal preference and style. From exotic to exotic, there are plants to suit all tastes

Advantages Of Interior Designing

advantages of interior designing

1. Improves Your Space

The improvement of the room through the design of interiors is crucial at the most basic level. An expert Interior designer will make the space more efficient. It is achieved by creating a more appropriate space for the objective for which it’s being designed

2. Creates High Aesthetic Quality

Interior design brings artistic appeal to your home or business location. Interior designers are responsible for this. Interior architects are also involved in enhancing the aesthetics of a room. They can transform a space’s plain appearance to make it more attractive. Interior architects, similar to wizards, achieve this with their magical rods

3.Increased Property Value

Well-designed interiors can boost property values, making it an excellent choice for investment

4.Interior-Designed Property Is Easy to Maintain

Essential measures are put in place to guarantee that beauty lasts for a long time. Simply creating a stunning home isn’t enough. Furthermore the importance of each home is to ensure continuity.

As time passes, a well-planned interior will facilitate easy home maintenance. As a result, accidents are less likely to occur since the Interior constructed home is secure. Thus, damage is very uncommon.

5.It Helps In Creating A Great First Impression

The design and interior of the area make people feel happy. Additionally, the layout is unique and will amaze guests. Interior design is an enjoyable experience. Designing interiors allows you to shape the space you live in into something that is just self-satisfying


In conclusion, embrace the beauty of Kerala with EV Interiors. This guide showed Kerala style interior design secrets, from wood-panelled entryways to vibrant living areas and plant-filled spaces and also the advantages of interior designing. EV Interiors, an interior designers in thrissur serving all of Kerala, can transform your home into a haven of Keralan charm. Their traditional and modern design blend ensures your space reflects comfort and heritage. Contact EV Interiors today and start crafting your dream Kerala-inspired home