6 Modern Interior Wall Cladding Designs That Will Transform Your Space

In interior decoration, Modern interior wall cladding designs as a transformative feature that enhances an area’s appearance and practicality. Wall cladding refers to using various materials on interior walls to improve their appearance and efficiency. From traditional materials like stone and brick to modern alternatives like PVC and steel, wall cladding can provide various options for any fashion and taste.

modern interior wall cladding designs

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The Advantages of Modern Interior Wall Cladding

When it comes to interior design, modern interior wall cladding can be described as a practical solution that offers an aesthetic look but also a wealth of advantages that greatly enhance an area’s utility and efficiency. Explore the numerous benefits of adopting modern wall cladding for interiors.

modern interior wall cladding designs

1. Enhanced Insulation

Modern wall cladding products are designed to offer better insulation and create the appearance of a thermal barrier, which helps keep indoor temperatures in check. By transferring heating across walls and cladding, energy efficiency can be improved, energy costs for cooling and heating can be reduced, and year-round comfort can be enhanced.

2. Enhanced Durability

From commercial areas with high traffic to bustling homes for families, contemporary wall cladding has been built to withstand the demands of daily life. Its materials, ranging from rigid PVC to sturdy metal cladding, provide unbeatable resistance to scratches, dents, and stains, ensuring its beautiful appearance for many years.

3. Customization Possibilities

It is essential to make the right choices when choosing modern wall cladding. You can choose a bold geometric pattern, a soft texture, or a colourful scheme. Cladding can make your vision come true with endless options for personalization and customization.

4. Quick and Easy Installation

In the modern world of speed and pace, convenience is paramount. Modern and stylish wall cladding has been developed to be easy to install, which reduces the time it takes to complete and disrupts your routine. By utilizing efficient installation processes and expert knowledge, you can enjoy the advantages of wall cladding without the stress.

Exploring Modern Interior Wall Cladding Designs

The journey that you embark on to reinvent your home with interior wall cladding ideas for your interior will open up a world of possibilities and potential. We’ll take you through the most intriguing contemporary wall cladding styles that can breathe fresh energy into your house or business space:

1. Brick Wall Cladding

modern interior wall cladding designs

Make your staircase stand out by adding timeless appeal with brick walls and cladding. Whether classic red bricks or worn whitewashed hues, bricks add warmth, charm, rustic character, and history to a space while providing its inhabitants with a sense of history and place.

2. Granite Wall Cladding

modern interior wall cladding designs

Improve the look of your family space by incorporating the opulent appeal of a granite wall. Thanks to its stunning texture and delicate veining, granite exudes elegance and luxury, providing a striking background for family gatherings and time with family and friends.

3. Italian Marble Wall Cladding

wall cladding

Design a statement for your dining space with the classic beauty of Italian marble wall coverings. From elegant Carrara to the striking Nero Marquina, they give a sense of sophistication and elegance and transform every meal into an unforgettable dining moment.

4. Light Grey Stone Wall Cladding

wall cladding

Light grey stone wall cladding’s elegant yet subtle aesthetics create an elegant yet subtle atmosphere within your living area. Slate or limestone stone cladding gives the illusion of depth and texture while infusing your home with peace and balance.

5. PVC Wall Cladding

wall cladding

Use PVC wall cladding to create a contemporary and stylish office design. Thanks to its glossy, smooth appearance and vivid choices, PVC cladding offers a modern aesthetic that encourages imagination and efficiency, making it an excellent background for professional projects.

6. Wood Wall Cladding

wall cladding

Wood wall cladding’s warmth and natural beauty can make your bedroom an inviting retreat. Whether you choose rustic barn wood or modern walnut veneer cladding, it will provide texture and warmth—enveloping you in peace and comfort!

Exploring Innovative Interior Wall Cladding Designs

When we venture into the world of interior design by exploring the infinite possibilities of wall cladding, we must explore the wide range of imaginative ideas that transform spaces using design and function. Let’s begin by intriguingly looking at modern concepts for wall cladding in the interior, each offering a distinct combination of practicality and creativity to enhance your home and commercial space.

Vertical Wood Cladding

wall cladding designs

Take advantage of the timeless appeal of vertical wood panelling, where smooth planks or panels are laid out vertically, creating an illusion of spaciousness and height. This design technique creates visual appeal and increases the beauty inherent in wood by adding warmth and richness to any room.

Metallic Wall Panels

wall cladding designs

Incorporating metal wall panelling gives your home a modern look. Whether stylish stainless steel, beautiful copper, or industrially inspired aluminium metal finishes, they add luxury and sophistication to any space and make a style statement that attracts the eye.

Half or Full Paneling

wall cladding designs

Explore the possibilities of half- or complete panels, in which a partial or complete cladding material covers walls. This design method allows endless customization possibilities, allowing you to easily create focus areas, zones, dimensions, and textures in your interior space.

Reclaimed Wood Panels

wall cladding designs

Reward craftsmanship and sustainability by adorning your reclaimed wood paneling for walls made using salvaged wood with rich heritage and charm. Each panel is a tale with its weathered texture, knots, imperfections, and knots that bring a rustic appeal to your home style.

Patchwork Cladding

modern interior wall cladding designs

Explore your creative side through patchwork cladding. The various colours, materials and designs combine to create a dynamic and visually appealing mosaic on the walls. In contrast tones or complementary shades, patchwork cladding lets you show your style in an exciting and contemporary style.

Plywood Sheet Cladding

modern interior wall cladding designs

Take advantage of the elegant and subtle look of plywood cladding, where elegant and simple panels offer a sleek backdrop to modern-day interiors. With its sleek lines and natural look, wood provides warmth and variety to any room, providing an elegant design that will never go out of style.

While investigating these unique ideas for wall coverings, consider the possibilities for making your home an oasis of elegance, comfort, and uniqueness. With one of the best interior design companies in Thrissur, EV Interiors as your partner in pursuing design excellence, we’ll make your dreams come to life and design interiors that enthral and inspire with every move.


The bottom line is that interior wall cladding isn’t just for aesthetic purposes but is about making spaces reflect your lifestyle and personality. With the myriad options for design to pick from, the possibilities are unlimited. With EV Interiors, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional artistry and services, ensuring your design ideas become real. Let us be your design partner when you want to remodel your home or launch a new venture. Stay connected to EV Interiors for future inspiration as we transform your living space into something unique. With these contemporary design ideas for interior wall cladding into your home, you will enhance the ambience of your home and provide the most memorable feeling. Contact us today to bring your dream into reality.


1. Does cladding have waterproof properties?

It is true! Cladding constructed from cap material is waterproof and impervious to water absorption. The rs is the clay layer, the outermost part of composite boards. So, any time the cladding the material absorbs water, it will not absorb but instead flow away.

2. Can claddings be used on walls?

The principal purpose of wall cladding is to protect the wall from weather extremes and elements. However, it can also offer other benefits, like insulation or noise reduction. It’s an excellent method of increasing the aesthetics of buildings.

3. What kind of material is suitable for wall and ceiling covering?

Metal cladding, which contains elements such as aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, copper, and steel, gives the building a stunning and elegant look. Exterior metal cladding provides the structure with a sophisticated design and timeless look and offers many design options.

4. How can you tell the Cladding?

If you have to determine the dimensions of a standard wall to be clad the wall, it’s relatively simple. You’ll only need to divide by the width or height of the wall (depending on the direction of the wall) by the planned panel dimensions. These installations are based on the dimensions of a 250mm wide panel.

5. What's the distinction between two different types of panels for walls?

Wall cladding was designed to give walls the appearance of a particular material such as brick, wood or other materials. It’s, however, made of solid wood. That implies it is more expensive and will require additional effort to create the perfect look.