Best 6 Interior Design Companies In Thrissur 

interior design companies in thrissur

Looking for Interior Design Companies in Thrissur that are the Best? The Top 6 Interior Design Companies of Thrissur are listed below. The beauty and architecture of Thrissur is its essence. The essence of Thrissur lies in its architecture and beauty. People are more interested in the beauty of their surroundings around their workplace and home. India’s interior design and change industry has grown rapidly in the last two years. People in Thrissur want their homes and workplaces to be comfortable, useful and enjoyable. So, they hire an interior designer to make the most of their space. Social media helps interior designers connect with people in need. 

Nowadays, there’s a big focus on planning homes and offices well in residential and commercial building projects. Explore the best interior design companies in Thrissur and see what they can do to bring this trend into reality. A well-designed structure can make it more functional, efficient, and attractive. Interiors in thrissur has become more appealing and stylish than ever. Additionally, clients expect their spaces to be able to express their personalities through interior design. You should check this list of interior designers in Thrissur for your project; you will know the best one for the location.

List Of Top 6 Interior Design Companies In Thrissur


EV Interior Designing Company Thrissur has been a leading company in the field over the past four years.They offer 100% custom-made designs for residential and commercial areas. The most reliable company located in Kerala is known for its creativity, ingenuity and creative designs for both residential and commercial areas. The team is known for being among the top design companies in Kerala The team is made up of talented and highly skilled artists. Each project is a reflection of their dedication to quality.The EV interior design company pays attention to every detail from the first concept to the last execution. This results in unique outcomes. The uniqueness of each practitioner allows them to approach every task individually. They take the time to understand their client’s needs fully and wants. They allow them to create a design that reflects the style of the client and is tailored perfectly.

EV Interior Designing Company is a leader in both residential and commercial projects. They can transform any space into a beautiful and functional space with their versatility and expertise. EV Interior Designing Company can transform any space, whether you are in Kochi or Malappuram. They also work with clients from Thrissur and Ernakulam. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or create a perfect office, EV Interior Designing Company is the ideal partner to help bring your vision to reality. EV Interior Designing Company has been a leader in the industry in Thrissur since 2014 and offers 100% customized designs for commercial and residential spaces.

Service We Offers

1. Interior architectural design
2 .Interior decorating
3. Office space design
4. Room planning
5. Cabinetry and hardware design
6. Window design
7. Home decor selection
8. Interior painting
9. Dining room design
10. Door design
11. Bathroom design
12. Bedroom design
13. Kitchen design
14. Restaurant design
15. Lighting design
16. Living room design
17. Commercial interior design
18. Flooring selection
19. Home staging
20. Architecture Planning


Working with EV Interiors was such a wonderful experience! They are genuinely the best Interior designers in Thrissur. Since we first met, they were attentive to our imaginations and suggestions. The staff was professional throughout our entire experience. What impressed me was their focus on detail and dedication to high quality. They transformed our home into something that was beyond our expectations. We are grateful to EV Interiors for making our dream space a reality!


It’s been a true pleasure working together with EV interiors. They are aware of not just the aesthetic aspect, but the practical aspects of renovating. They offered practical, helpful guidance. EV interiors greatly improved the design of our home as she was attentive to our requirements. The service was efficient and punctually. I highly recommend The best interior designers in thrissur EV interiors.



Address: 2nd floor, Vadakkethala Tower, Sastha Nagar, Patturaikkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680002


Phone: 075599 18807


D’LIFE is the best Interior  Company with over 1200 employees in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kerala, Mysore, Chennai, Nagercoil, Coimbatore, Madul & Mangalore. 100% customized furniture and modular kitchens are among the first names. Here, the manufacturer deals directly with customers, avoiding all intermediaries and reducing costs. Longevity, orderly work, and highly skilled people make this company the best in the industry. Contemporary design and creative space planning by professionals ensure beautiful home furnishings. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has continuously exceeded customer expectations.


Address: 2nd Floor, EM Space Building, Thrissur – Kunnamkulam Rd, near Sobha City, Puzhakkal, Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala 680002

Phone: 099951 95555


Arena Interiors is the best interior design company in South India. We’re certified with ISO 9001:2015 and offer complete interior design services.We have the best professional and famous interior designers in Kerala who will take a systematic and strategic approach to the design scenario and recognize the needs of the clients in the current context and constraints, keeping aesthetic and developmental aspects in mind, whether it is your home or office. Our professional expertise will provide you with the best residential and commercial products.

There is nothing like furniture designed for your home or office. We undertake comprehensive contract furnishing services for home interior design, office design, interior design decor and turnkey interior design. Our best interior designers and furniture specialists turn imagination and possibilities into reality. We work to execute the best solution within your budget that is a unique description of your home or business.


Address: Flimat Complex, Sankara Iyyer Jn Poothole Road, Kuttipuzha Nagar, Poothole., Thrissur, Kerala 680004

Phone: 0484 401 0444


FABRE Interiors in Thrissur is an interior design company which specializes in designing practical and comfortable spaces to improve the look and function of commercial buildings. Dedication and passion for design are the primary factors. We transform everyday spaces into incredible spaces. Each project is enhanced by our expertise and knowledge. We take great pride in understanding the distinct desires of our clients and translating them into solutions that exceed their expectations.

We have the expertise and know-how to bring any space to life, no matter if it’s for a tiny apartment or an office for corporate clients. The interior design of Farbe Interiors is about more than just color and furniture. It’s about creating an environment that is reflective of the personality and style of our clients and improves the functionality of the space. We oversee everything from material selection to finishes to decorations to lighting and technology integration.Collaboration is at the heart of our work. To ensure the highest quality and accuracy We work closely with our customers and their contractors, architects and suppliers. Our goal is to keep the same level of consistency and deliver exceptional results in time and on budget


Address: G6CC+V79, Rice Bazar Rd, Pillakad, Thrissur, Kerala 680001 Areas served: 680010

Phone: 098956 05984


Transforming ordinary spaces into masterpieces with Karma Interiors in Thrissur! With careful attention to detail and boundless creativity, we exceed all expectations and bring your unique vision to life. Our reliable team ensures delivery on time and within budget without compromising on quality. From stunning living spaces that reflect your personality to inspiring commercial spaces, we treat every project with the utmost care. Please work with us for a transformative experience, knowing you’ve made the best choice for your dream location. Elevate your unique kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, reflecting your style and enhancing functionality. Trust Karma Interiors for a transformative experience and make the best choice for your dream kitchen.


Address: 28/B, Regency Tower, West Fort, Thrissur, Kerala 680004

Phone: 095391 78265


Concept Interior  Designers in Thrissur is a professional consulting and contracting firm providing total interior solutions and services for commercial, residential and office interiors. Established and managed by a highly skilled and motivated team, Concept Interiors can be proud of a decade-long track record of participation in this speciality. Our services include residential furniture, office furniture, apartments, shops, salons and even banks. For us, every space we design or redesign must have a balance of comfort, spatial design and designer elegance, all within the constraints of your budget. We believe in creating a final product that reflects your style and customizing your ideas and suggestions. Our experience and aesthetic sense create custom room spaces that fit your needs and interests. From one-and-one conversations to putting your ideas on paper to using the latest trends, techniques and materials, the project will be handled by an experienced team of professionals if they work with the help of professionals.


Address: W Palace Rd, near kalyan silk, Chembukkav, Thrissur, Kerala 680020

Phone: 098950 97758


Thrissur is blessed with many successful interior decorators,architects who have turned the city into a harmonious blend of classic and modern. Furthermore, they are the best interior designers in Thrissur; the above are only famous ones. They also operate globally. Once you’ve chosen a designer of your choice, calculate your costs and proceed accordingly. Whether you have an independent house, a villa, a luxury villa in Thrissur or the touch of a skilled artisan can enhance your residence. With their skills and knowledge, they excel in transforming your space into a beautiful space that suits your needs. They will certainly guide you on what can enhance the usefulness and beauty of the space.

You should hire a furniture designer who has a lot of experience with designs similar to yours. They will help you get the best results without disappointment. Try to hire a professional from the above list of interior designers in Thrissur to beautify your interior space in Thrissur. Call them, make an appointment, and discuss your needs and ideas. Compare conversation points and choose the one that suits you best. So, these are among the  top interior design companies in Thrissur. I hope you found this article useful.