Interiors play an essential role in creating comfortable and pleasing living or working spaces that resonate with us aesthetically and ergonomically. Their effects have an enormous effect on our mood, productivity and overall well-being; well-designed spaces create spaces that not only meet functional requirements but also foster an atmosphere which speaks directly to individuals.

Thrissur’s rich cultural heritage and distinct architectural identity combine to produce an energetic  interior design scene. The  Interiors in Thrissur  seamlessly merge tradition and modernity in an attractive blend of colors, textures, and elements. EV  Interiors, leading  designer in Thrissur often draw their inspiration from vibrant art and craft traditions in the region while incorporating intricate details and indigenous materials – this creates spaces which both meet individual preferences while paying homage to its cultural tapestry. Exploring famous interior designers in Kerala, they  offer a fascinating journey between tradition and innovation – each space tells its own tale!


Interiors in Thrissur
Interior design is an effective means of merging functionality and aesthetics into an inviting yet efficient space, increasing both its overall appeal and efficiency. Beyond mere decoration, well-planned interiors maximize available space by carefully orchestrating how each element fulfills its intended function; furniture placement, lighting design and spatial flow all play their parts to achieve this objective – producing a resultant atmosphere which not only looks good but functions efficiently! Aesthetic considerations are of equal significance; visually pleasing surroundings have a tremendous effect on one’s mood and well-being. Carefully chosen colors in interior design, textures, and design elements can elicit positive emotions that help reduce stress levels, promote harmony within an interior space, and ultimately increase quality of life overall. Interior design companies consider the  effect on mood and well-being goes well beyond visual perception. Interior Lightsergonomic furniture and spatial organization all play an integral part in providing physical comfort while supporting health and productivity. An exquisitely designed space becomes an oasis; not only improving functionality of a space but also creating an environment conducive to happiness for its inhabitants. Interior design transcends aesthetics as an approach which transforms rooms into beautiful yet practical living environments.


Initial Consultaion

Concept Development and Design

Construction and Execution

Installation and Styling


interior roof design

Interior Roof Design

Types of Lighting in Interior Design


architectural planning

Architectural Planning

At our interior design company, one of the core services offered is architectural planning which involves creating space-planning strategies to optimize functionality, aesthetics and efficiency while creating distinct yet purposeful interior environments for our clients.

2D & 3D Visualization

EV Interiors offers 2D & 3D visualization, which transforms ideas into vivid images for clients to get a realistic preview of their proposed spaces before implementation begins.

Cost Estimation

Our interior design firm’s Estimation and Costing  service ensures accurate assessment and forecasting of project costs, in accordance with clients’ budget constraints and timeline.


one of our cornerstone services in interior design, involves personal meetings with clients to assess their unique design requirements and provide expert guidance as they embark on their design journey.

Interior Decoration

Decor Our design company’s core service for interior decorating focuses on improving spaces by blending aesthetic choices, colors, textures, and furniture to create visually appealing environments for our clients.

Interior Furniture Design

One of our featured services at Homescape Interiors, interior furniture designing involves crafting unique solutions that combine style and function in order to enhance spaces while meeting our clients’ individual preference


  • Complete customisation
  • Out perfect 2D & 3D design
  • Factory products
  • On time delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Opportunity to select accessories
  • Best pricing & products
  • 100% customer satisfaction


“EV Interiors gave my home  a touch of magic! Their team’s deep knowledge of local aesthetics and cultural nuances made the design process seamless.. Their attention to detail and dedication in crafting interiors that truly reflect its soul are truly appreciated!”

Anjali K. - Nelluvai

I was delighted with EV Interiors in Thrissur. The dedication and passion their team displayed throughout my project was truly admirable. They understood my preferences and added their own special touch that perfectly captured Thrissur’s culture. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Rajeev M. - Poonkunnam

I was impressed by EV Interior’s talent at turning spaces into works of art, their creativity and professionalism throughout our project was amazing. Our home boasts an unique identity brought to life by imaginative design concept by them.”

Deepa S. - Mannuthy



1. Can I afford interior design help from a professional?

You can often save money by hiring an interior designer. Industry professionals have access to discounts from multiple businesses that they can pass on to their clients. Also, you can avoid costly mistakes and purchases by utilizing a designer’s professional services up front, rather than during a redo of a space that did not suit your needs or desires.

2. What is the most important factor when designing a room?

Having a clear vision of what you want is essential. If you are not sure, the services of the interior designer can be priceless. Before you go out and start buying pieces of furniture and artwork that do not mix, get help narrowing down your design and theme. Some colors compliment while others clash. You want your living space to reflect your personality and be functional and inviting at the same time.

3. How often will we communicate?

Communication frequency depends on the project phase. In its early stages, interactions may occur more frequently; as time progresses they may decrease. We maintain open lines of communication throughout all the steps of development for updates and feedback purposes.

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