Hall designs are essential in the homes of the middle class in Kerala and serve as the central point of family life and social interaction. The hall is typically the most versatile room at home, utilized for many different activities ranging from family gatherings to casual sitting. In Kerala, which is a place where the culture places importance on hospitality and community, the design of the hall becomes an expression of these ideals. This area’s design aesthetics, practicality, and comfort are vital to setting the mood for the whole house.

In the world of middle-class homes, practicality and affordability are the primary factors. Homeowners are increasingly looking for solutions to design that can provide the ideal blend of sophistication and simplicity. A simple but well-thought-out hallway design can greatly improve the quality of life without breaking the bank. This method focuses on essential components, efficient use of space, and efficient materials.

Kerala’s rich culture and modern sensibilities are seamlessly blended with hall designs, particularly when aided by the experience of EV Interiors. Homeowners can develop their unique design by combining traditional elements like locally sourced natural light and wood with modern designs from EV Interiors, which is one of the best interior design companies in Kerala. Let’s explore some of the best middle class simple hall designs here. 

9 Compelling Design Ideas for  Middle Class Simple Hall Design Kerala

1. Designs that Maximize Natural Light

To make the most of natural light in the living space, adding large windows is crucial because they increase the room’s spaciousness and brightness. Curtains with light colors can be utilized to keep privacy in place while allowing plenty of sunlight to pass through, creating a warm, welcoming environment is important in designing middle class interior design for hall. This method not only makes the room appear more spacious but also connects the inside with the outside, contributing to the overall appeal and energy efficiency of your home.

2. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Integrating multi-functional furniture into the living space, including sofa beds or tables that extend, is a great method to reduce space and improve functionality of middle class hall. Storage solutions, like built-in benches with storage compartments, can help keep the space neat. These multi-functional pieces not only enhance the space’s utilitarian value but also help maintain the cleanliness of your home and make the living space more relaxing and efficient.

3. Affordable Accent Walls

A simple accent wall can make a room look more attractive without spending a lot. Wallpapers offer a cost-effective and easy way to make an attractive feature. Additionally, DIY paint methods, like stenciling, can provide the space with a unique style, allowing homeowners to achieve a stylish look without spending a lot of money for a simple middle class hall design.

4. Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Mood Lighting or Statement Lighting

Bohemian style, also known as Boho, is broad and vibrant, featuring the best of organic and patterned fabrics and DIY projects that can be customized. It is characterized by bright colors, soft fabric, and a variety of influences derived from diverse cultures; this style focuses on individuality and imagination. Boho is perfect for people who love an artistic, comfortable style.

5. Enhanced Space with Custom Shelving

The ability to increase the space of a living room is possible successfully with the help of custom shelving solutions. The floating shelves provide storage and display spaces that do not take up spaces on the floor, which helps maintain the appearance of a spacious and clean environment. Furthermore, custom shelving units can be made to be shaped to fit into the space in awkward corners or with specific dimensions, giving an individual and personal accent to the décor of simple middle class hall design. These shelving options not only increase functionality but also create a chic and well-organized living space.

6. Introduce Mirrors for Reflective Ambiance

Transitional design merges contemporary and traditional styles, featuring neutral colors and a balanced aesthetic. It combines the best of both worlds by integrating conventional furnishings with modern accents. It’s a harmonious style that is elegant and comfortable for a middle class hall.

7. Use Greenery to Elevate the Space

Integrating greenery into your living space can enhance its visuals and ambience quickly. Indoor plants don’t just bring vivid colors but also boost the quality of air, creating a healthier environment. If you have a small space, vertical gardens, as well as hanging ones, are ideal alternatives that provide greenery without occupying the area for a middle class hall. They can be placed in corners, on shelves or suspended on the roof; these plant-based elements bring a fresh sense of nature to any living room, changing the space into a welcoming and serene place to relax.

8. Mix Accessories for Interesting Interiors

The process of creating a unique interior in your middle class simple hall design requires using a variety of different accessories to create a unique and charming look. By mixing different styles of vases, artifacts and other decorative objects, you can make a curated and personal style that is a reflection of your individual preferences. The addition of seasonal décor can further enhance the atmosphere, allow you to change the look of the space regularly, and ensure it remains fresh and welcoming all through the year. This method not only creates visually appealing but also allows for creativity, making your living space seem lively and constantly changing.

9. Elegant Entrance Hallway with Wall Panelling

The creation of a chic entrance hallway with wall panels can dramatically improve the appearance of simple middle class hall design. Incorporating basic wood, or MDF panels, adds dimension and interest to the architectural design, immediately elevating the overall look. Selecting painted paneling with neutral colors gives an elegant and timeless look to the room, creating an inviting tone for guests when they arrive. This method not only enhances visual appeal but also serves to define and enhance the hallway, creating an elegant focal point for the interior of your home. Click here for some modern hallway ideas

10 Best simple middle class hall design

1. Traditional Indian Middle Class Living Room

Make your living room one that is a reflection of your culture and modern design. Traditional Indian Middle Class Living Rooms are cozy and warm area that blends traditional wooden furniture, such as a solid coffee table or intricately made armchairs, and contemporary pieces to create a balanced style. Include traditional Indian interiors, like brass lamps or art made of textiles, to bring a sense of richness and culture to your home.

2. Strategically Colored Living Room

Make the most of the impact of colors in your living space! Opt for neutral furniture and walls to create a feeling of peace and spaciousness. You can then spice the room with a splash of color on cushions, rugs, or artwork. The use of color in this way creates visual interest but doesn’t overwhelm the space of simple middle class hall design.

3. Open Shelving Living Room

Bring your living space to life with character by using open shelves. Set up shelves to display your most loved books or plants as well as other accessories to make a space that is reflective of your individual style. The shelves should be set up to fit the design of your room to create an overall appearance. This allows you to display your individuality while maintaining an inviting and well-organized space.

4. Textile Decor Living Room

Cover your living space in the warmth and texture of hand-crafted fabrics. Include beautiful rugs and wall hangings to give the dimension and depth to your simple middle class hall design. Put on a luxurious curtain over your windows for luxury and class. This method creates a warm atmosphere that is fashionable and relaxing.

5. DIY Decor Living Room

Create a stylish and practical dining room by using tables that are compact and suitable for the space. A table that can be extended is a great option for hosting guests without requiring additional space every day. Choose sturdy, low-maintenance surfaces such as wood or laminate for your chair and table. Create the perfect setting for memorable dinners with an impressive centerpiece and welcoming lighting. A stunning arrangement of flowers or a classy vase with a stylish bowl can give a hint of elegance to your simple middle class hall design without overpowering the table. Chandeliers, pendant lighting, and similar fixtures provide an inviting atmosphere, which can enhance the eating experience.

6. Stylish Flooring Living Room

The design of a chic flooring layout in your living area can significantly enhance your home’s appearance without spending a fortune. Select inexpensive vinyl or laminate flooring that resembles the natural texture of wood or stone, providing aesthetics and durability. To enhance comfort and create distinct functional spaces, use carefully placed area rugs that are a perfect match for the flooring while also adding warmth and softness beneath your feet. This method not only improves the style and appearance of your living space but will also provide an efficient and fashionable foundation for your daily events and gatherings.

7. Zoned Living Room

The process of creating a zoned living space requires a clever way of defining different zones in the room to maximize functionality and aesthetics. By strategically arranging furniture and rugs, it is possible to define distinct zones for dining, seating or working. This strategy not only improves the flow and organization of the space but also permits each room to be used efficiently. If it’s a space for sitting in front of the window, a formal dining room close to your kitchen, or a functional area for work in a corner, creating a zone in your living space helps increase the usability of your space while preserving an elegant and cohesive overall style.  Click here for best hall dining partition ideas Kerala.

8. Airy Curtain Living Room

A slender and airy living room requires using lighter fabrics to increase the space’s spaciousness and natural light. Opt for lightweight or sheer curtains that give privacy but still allow sunlight into the room. Combining curtains with an outer layer that is heavier with a light inner layer can provide more flexibility that lets you adjust your privacy and light to suit your preferences throughout the daytime. This method does not just create an inviting and bright ambience but also provides the appearance of luxury and utility to the décor of your living room.

9. Cozy Reading Nook Living Room

The idea of creating a cozy reading area in your living space transforms the space into a relaxing place to immerse yourself in your favorite books. Begin by choosing a comfortable chair that can accommodate long reading sessions—enhanced with a well-lit area, like a reading lamp or a nearby window to let in lighting. Add a bookshelf to keep your favorite books in reach. Add a touch of comfort with throws and cushions that provide warmth and welcoming textures to the space, which makes your  simple middle class hall design the perfect location to unwind by reading a book and getting lost in literary adventures. Click here for some best book shelf ideas for living room.

10. Tech-Savvy Living Room

The art of designing a modern living space requires integrating technology seamlessly into your décor to create an efficient and contemporary space. Start by securing the wires and other devices to keep a neat and organized look while ensuring that they do not interfere with the room’s visual design. Include smart home devices such as lights and speakers that are harmonious with your decor, providing convenience while also enhancing the utility of the room. This strategy is not just a way to modernize your living space but provides a more streamlined and efficient environment in which technology enhances the everyday experience. By incorporating these designs, you can create a stylish, comfortable, and functional middle class hall that fits budget and lifestyle.


In the end, building the most stylish and cost-effective middle class simple hall design is attainable by focusing on design and concentrating on function. By taking advantage of local culture, making the most of space, and using affordable materials, you can transform your home from a middle-class one into a stunning and cozy place to relax. Explore some of the best middle class small house interior design for living room here from EV Interiors. EV Interiors is dedicated to making this dream a reality by providing sustainable and eco-friendly designs that reflect Kerala’s culture, which is both traditional and evolving. Take advantage of these suggestions to create a home that reflects your values and personality while still retaining affordability and class. Select EV Interiors to guide you in making your dream home into an actual reality that is practical as well as visually pleasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some cost-effective materials for designing halls in Kerala?

Answer: Affordable Materials include bamboo, MDF and locally sourced wood.

2. Which colors work best in a simple hall design?

Answer: For a basic hall design, neutral shades like cream, light beige, or light gray are good selections. They give a fresh, airy look and feel, making the room appear bigger. It’s possible to add a splash of color by using art or other accessories.

3. Do I have the ability to incorporate traditional Kerala elements into the budget?

Answer: Yes, you can include traditional Kerala elements in your budget-friendly style. Think about using low-cost materials such as bamboo and cane to make furniture or terracotta tile as flooring and locally produced fabrics for curtains or cushions. Consider traditional Kerala designs or patterns on fabric or artwork, including brass lamps or Jali work (lattice screens) that are inexpensive but still have an authentic Kerala style. If you focus on locally available materials and artistry, you can create a genuine and culturally rich Kerala-inspired hall design within your budget.

4. Are there any DIY decorating ideas for halls?

Answer: Certainly! Turn your hallway into an inviting space with these affordable DIYs! Create a gallery wall that displays photographs and art. Repurpose furniture using paint and new furniture. Include colorful pops of color with blankets and throw pillows. Make sure to include greenery in your indoor space. Plants add a touch to natural beauty (and life!). These simple projects can make your home more stylish and aren’t costing you much.