Top 8 Hall Dining Partition Ideas Kerala


hall dining partition ideas kerala

Open living spaces are prevalent in today’s interior design fashion. A partition can be added to your private living space. A partition’s appearance in the living space can provide you with an area to enjoy privacy. There is no need to use conventional divides; partitions that separate the dining area and living space could separate your designer living rooms from the other parts of the dwelling, such as the kitchen, dining room, or home office. Smaller apartments nowadays usually have space for dining and living areas rather than separate rooms.

Does your Kerala home crave a defined dining space without sacrificing open-plan living? Discover creative partition designs for hall and dining inspired by Kerala’s rich cultural heritage or contemporary design trends! EV Interiors, which serves all over Kerala, offers expert partition designs for hall and dining. EV Interiors will help you craft the perfect partition, incorporating traditional Keralan elements or modern styles to seamlessly separate your dining area while maximizing light and functionality. Let this blog help you see what are the partition designs for hall and dining

How Can You Decide On Hall Dining Partition Ideas Kerala ?

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 Home is a personal place where you can relax and be yourself. There are various ways to divide your home, but picking the most effective will be challenging. What is the ideal width of the partition? What kinds of materials make excellent partitions? There are many things to consider before you give an idea for a hall dining partition an attempt. A good partition wall will take up 3/3rd of your total room. You must ensure you can walk between the dining area and your living space.

The material you choose depends entirely on the opacity you want; your budget and the capacity to hold the partitions are also concerns.Transparent or frosted Glass provides a modern and cool appearance to partitions, making them simple to operate. Wooden partitions give the rooms more warmth. Steel partitions can provide the space with a luxurious and cosy design.

1. A Traditional Style Partition Design For Hall And Dining In Home Decor

partition designs for hall and dining

For a long time, the intricate work of jali has been an integral part of Indian architectural design. It is possible to incorporate the jali work in your decor through partitioning and effectively divide your room from the dining space. Jali is a style element suitable for all kinds of Indian homes. Jali must be high on your list if you’re searching for partition designs for hall and dining. Partitions based on the Jali pattern can create a simple divider in the living space or dining area.

Jalis’ ornamental designs feature wooden frames and geometric and various other gorgeous patterns that make the design stand out. Contemporary jali patterns use lattice screens, creating a break in the floor space and making it appear stunning with decorative accessories.


Materials Used

Jali designs dividers for dining and living rooms. Halls are made of wood-plastic stainless steel, MDF, and PVC.

Pros And Cons

As it is a complex design. So it is easy to become dusty and so challenging to clean.

2. A Glass Partition Between The Living And Dining

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Have you ever considered the possibility of glass partitions between your living room and dining space? Two options exist: sliding or folding glass dividers.

The vibrant glass partitions, which include patterns and intricate designs, can make this area more attractive. There are also chemically treated patterns or designs etched into Glass to make your partitions appear appealing.

Glass partitions provide the dining and living space with a stunning view. Also, it brings natural light into these areas.

Glass partitions are a favourite for many homeowners today as they can add a dash of luxury to interiors.

Type Of Glasses

  • Frosted Glass
  • Mirrored Glass
  • Etched or printed Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Tinted or painted Glass

Pros And Cons

If you have the time to keep your house in order, glass partitions are an ideal option. Glass partitions give the home decor a stylish and elegant look if they are correctly maintained. That means it has a high maintenance

3. Wooden Partition Designs For Hall And Dining

partition designs for hall and dining

The slats of wood laid across can create partitions that look amazing. Wooden partitions that are designed for dining rooms complement the other decor styles. Wooden divided walls with a few shelves, racks or holders give a stylish look and make the area more functional. Wooden dividers can complement a diverse variety of styles in decor and can be easily maintained.

The most common partitioning design used in the dining room and living hall is a wooden wall. Because Indian homes use wood for their furniture and furniture, a wood divider makes an ideal hall idea for partitioning within India.

 A wooden crockery cabinet that divides the living room and dining areas is also efficient. One end containing shelves and cabinets acts as a crockery cabinet. In contrast, the opposite side facing the living area is a TV set and a display space for decorative elements. Wood is undoubtedly one of the classiest and longest-lasting options for partitions

Type Of Wood Used

  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Oakwood
  • Cedarwood
  • Pinewood

Pros And Cons

Wood is an old-fashioned and durable material used to create partitions. In certain areas, insects, such as termites, have attacked.

4. Metal Structure As Partition Designs For Hall And Dining

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If you want to create an industrial interior design for partitions, frames made of metal can be a great alternative. Metal frames are an excellent alternative to the current trend. The cum glass frames made of metal can be designed by the theme colour of the interior.

It’s an easy and affordable method to divide while keeping rooms nearby. An exquisitely designed metal made of gold adds a stylish look to the room and a glow to the space. Glass is less expensive and could be used as a dining room and a living room partition wall.

Metal frames in bold colours will make the look of your reception lively and bright

Type Of Metals Used

  • Nickel, 
  • Tin, 
  • Cadmium, 
  • Zinc, 
  • Aluminum 
  • Lead

Pros And Cons

Metal furniture is made from robust materials, which make it long-lasting. However, as it has sharp edges, there is a higher chance of injuries.


5. Planter And Hanging Light Designs

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There is no need for a partition that runs from the ceiling down to the flooring. Hanging indoor plants in a series arrangement can increase the elegance of a modern partition. In a series, put some light fixtures in bright shades for a more stunning look. This is much more sophisticated when you use physical partitions to create distinct spaces.

It is possible to use wood partitions between dining room and kitchens. Then, you can decorate them by planting plants. You can also put shelves on them and place potted plants in them. Consider hanging plants or vines to create a chic look.

Consider Glass, wood or flora as the partition designs for hall and dining. As opposed to nature-based plants, you could use artificial ones if it’s difficult to regularly care for your natural plants. Simple design and minimal ornamental pieces will keep the space well-organized and completely cover the dining space.

Type Of Plants And Lights Used

  • bamboo or palm trees
  • Hanging lights

Pros And Cons

Due to their size and abundance of vegetation, they offer peace and tranquillity. They can also help improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants in the air and producing oxygen.But it will produce humidity and a foul smell if there is a lack of care

6. Stone Finish Partition Trend

partition designs for hall and dining

Stone-finished partition designs for hall and dining can be found with a variety of stone patterns. They appear with a polished finish. They will not be damaged and can be an excellent choice for water conditions. Stone-finished partitions are water-tight and, therefore, ideal for hall partition designs. 

The addition of natural, earthy shades, lighter-toned stones, and wood amplifies the beauty of the living space. Stone walls are simple to clean and last for a long time. Simple water can be enough to cleanse the wall

Type Of Stones Used In Partitioning

  • Travertine 
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone

Pros And Cons

Since they are waterproof and breathable materials, they are ideal for cooking and dining. The unique design of partitions can aid in turning your open living spaces into separate rooms for security.

7. Personalized Laminate Partition Style

partition designs for hall and dining

Pros And Cons

Laminated partitions are available in various colours, designs, and styles, allowing homeowners to select a style to match their design.

8. Airy Partition Designs For Hall And Dining

partition designs for hall and dining

The functional partition designs for hall and dining should be placed in a way that defines the two separate spaces. If you’ve got a massive dining area with a huge glass window to the opposite aspect to let in light this way, the partitions are a great help.

The partitions can create a space and allow natural light to enter without obstructions.


Tips For Partition Dining And Living

Suppose you are creating your space by scratch or considering an entire renovation. In that case, The following tips can maintain the look of your dining room and living areas and make them separate according to your preferences:

.Utilize partitions to serve as focal points in the design.       

.Make sure your floor is neat with mats that separate your dining and living spaces.       

.Install wood panelling in front of your dining space. It can extend from the wall to the upper part and create a separation. 

.Design an accent wall in minimalist decor to separate the living and dining areas             




Over the past few years, the look of kerala traditional home design has significantly changed. Massive mansions have decreased in size, not due to a shortage of space but because nobody has the time or energy to manage properties as large as football pitches. We have more partition designs for hall and dining for your consideration. Embrace the possibilities and contact EV Interiors an interior designer in thrissur for a free consultation. We’ll bring your vision to life, creating a beautiful, functional dining space that reflects your unique style. Let’s redefine your Kerala home together.