interior roof design

The interior roof design can play a significant role in the appearance of the living room and turn a rather ordinary room into the central ornament of the house. The interior roof design is something that focuses on architectural products such as structures, textures, colours, and materials to make the environment look beautiful and perfectly balanced. Whether it’s the sophistication of the coffered ceiling, the raw rawness of the beamed ceiling, or the simplicity and sleekness of minimalist modern interior roofing, the fitting living room interior roof design can make all the difference in the appearance of the space.

EV Interiors is an innovative home design solutions provider that offers you excellent solutions when it comes to interior roof designs. Considering the specifics of roof works, EV Interiors guarantees that each project amplifies the aesthetic appeal of your interior and also optimises its efficiency and cosiness. These professionals and artists have the skill and knowledge to create a masterpiece out of any living room design.


interior roof design
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal: Interior roof design is an essential aspect of interior design that aims to enhance a room’s beauty by adopting creativity and different forms, like the ceiling, beams, or intricate carvings within the roof, as elements to enhance that particular room. It gives a perfect & fashionable touch to any room.
  • Enhances Natural Lighting: A particular interior roof design for living room may effectively be employed to maximise natural light in an area. Light shelves, light tubes, and high ceilings will help admit more light inside and minimize the need for additional artificial lighting during the day. This makes the place more welcoming and less gloomy, and it is also helpful in saving energy.
  • Improves Space Utilisation: Roof interior design could increase efficiency by creating multi-functional spaces. For example, a high ceiling could accommodate mezzanine floors, providing additional living space or storage without compromising the space’s airiness and spaciousness.
  • Customisation and Personalisation: Roof interior design selection for interiors allows for nearly endless variety in final details and styling. This will enable homeowners to select from various styles, designs, and finishes to achieve the type of look they want for the home and the specific ambiance they wish to bring out, thus making it unique to whoever owns it.
  • Facilitates Versatile Lighting Solutions: The interior roof design can include the area where diverse lighting fixtures and options could be placed to provide optimum and variable lighting schemes. The pendants and LED strips with built-in LEDs installed into recessed lighting fixtures can be located in a way that enhances the utility and mood of various areas of the room.


1. Coffered ceiling design

interior roof design

The coffered ceiling is the first type of interior design for the living room. The roof design exudes sophistication and class. This intricate pattern of luxurious wood or plaster panels provides a classic look and enhances the acoustics. For a modern edge, consider incorporating materials and the latest modern technologies in interiors, including energy-efficient lighting. Make your home more stylish with this timeless style, mixing beauty and function effortlessly.

2. Tray Ceiling design

Tray ceilings are an indoor roof style distinguished by an elevated central section forming a recessed perimeter. It adds sophistication and depth to living rooms, typically using paint or lighting to emphasise. This style increases the room’s aesthetic appeal as well as architectural value. The tray ceiling design is also suitable in the dining room.

3. Flat ceiling design

Flat ceilings, often overlooked in ceiling design, offer a surprisingly modern touch. Their clean lines create a calm aesthetic and maximise space in smaller living rooms. Despite their simplicity, flat ceilings are incredibly versatile. Play with paint colours, lighting fixtures, and mouldings to personalise the look. Plus, they provide a perfect canvas for recessed lighting or statement pendants. Flat ceilings: simple design, big impact.

4. Beamed ceiling design

Beamed ceilings can be a powerful design element in your living room’s interior roof design. These exposed beams, crafted from wood, metal, or even concrete, add a layer of architectural detail and undeniable charm. Wood beams bring a rustic warmth, perfect for traditional or farmhouse vibes. Consider metal beams that pair beautifully with exposed brick and minimalist furniture for a modern twist, creating an industrial-chic atmosphere. Beamed ceilings can even define different zones within your living room, visually separating the seating area from the dining space or even making a dedicated office nook.

5. Vaulted ceiling design

Vaulted ceilings are among the most popular aspects of interior roof design. Imagine entering your living space and being confronted by a stunning vast expanse of sky. The awe-inspiring slope creates an impression of grandeur, which instantly elevates the room. Vaulted ceilings work well for living spaces with high ceilings that maximise the sense of expansiveness. However, their appeal extends to the lofty spaces. For rooms with lower ceilings, the vaulted design features create an illusion of more height, turning your living space into a spacious and light space.

6. False ceiling design

The false ceiling also called the drop ceiling or the suspended ceiling, is the second ceiling constructed beneath the typical ceiling of a room. This feature of architecture enhances the visual appeal of the living room. However, it also has practical functions like concealing wiring, ductwork and uneven surfaces. In terms of the interior roof design for living room false ceilings, there is a possibility of a wide range of designs and utilities.


interior roof design for living room

The latest trends and innovations in interior roof design are constantly evolving, shaping contemporary living spaces in fascinating ways.  Since an interior design firm such as EV Interiors adapts to these trends, it plays a vital part in designing roofs that are both functional and visually pleasing. Interior roof design for living room is becoming increasingly an important element in contemporary interior design projects. Designers and homeowners alike are looking for innovative ways to improve this frequently overlooked space.

Another trend gaining momentum is utilising new lighting options in interior roof designs. The development of LED lighting has transformed interior lighting and allows the creation of sleek, energy-efficient fixtures that are easily integrated into a variety of ceiling styles. Smart lighting systems increase ambience and offer practical advantages such as variable brightness and light temperature.

interior roof design

Interior roof design continues to evolve with a strong focus on sustainability, innovative lighting, and adaptable solutions. These trends increase the visual attraction of the living space and improve their function and sustainability.


Interior roof design for living rooms has the following choices: Coffered ceiling design, tray ceiling design, flat ceiling design, beamed ceiling design, vaulted ceiling and false ceiling.

EV Interiors is the best interior company in Kerala, and it delivers highly sophisticated interior roof design. Guild is a guarantee that every living room they do becomes an aesthetically and practically appealing place that meets their client’s demands. That is why it is crucial to entrust the creation of the interior roof design for the living room to professionals from EV Interiors; theirs and your hands will design an ideal roof for any room.


1. What is interior roof design?

Ans: Interior roof design or ceiling design involves the architectural and ornamental work put on the ceiling of any building among the architectural and design elements of the roof of the building.

2. Which is the most popular roof interior design

Ans: Flat ceiling design is the most popular roof interior design in homes. This provides a better look for your house.

3. How can I beautify roofs?

Ans: Upgrade roofs with exposed beams, wood panels, cute and stylish lighting, basic and contrasting colours, nice geometrical moulding, ceiling tiles, and textured surfaces.