Choose The 8 Best Interior Designers In Calicut 


Are you looking for the best interior designer in calicut  to transform your home into a gorgeous and personal space? Don’t look any further! We’ve collected a detailed list of the top 10 interior designers from Calicut, Kerala, just for you.

Are you looking for the best interior designer in calicut  to transform your home into a gorgeous and personal space? Don’t look any further! We’ve collected a detailed list of the top 10 interior designers from Calicut, Kerala, just for you.

Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, is a bustling city in the heart of Kerala, known for its historical importance and cultural attractions. Amazing furniture designers are waiting to help you give the living space you have in this vibrant city.

This blog will be about our list of the  interior designers in Calicut. Each designer has a unique style and approach to interior design, so you can find someone who aligns with your vision and requirements.

The 8 Best Interior Designers In Calicut 

1.EV Interiors

EV Interiors  Designing Company in Thrissur has quickly established itself as a premier interior design firm over the past four years, specializing in custom designs catering to residential and commercial areas. Their imaginative designs have garnered widespread praise among those in Kerala, known for their imaginative yet creative solutions. Composed of highly experienced designers, their projects showcase EV’s passion for excellence as they pay careful attention to each stage, from initialization through finalization, resulting in unique results for every project they complete.

EV Interior Designing Company understands the significance of knowing their client’s individual needs and preferences, which is why each project at EV Interior Designing Company is approached with meticulous care to ensure its design satisfies them perfectly. From home remodeling projects to designing the ideal workspace environment, their flexibility and experience enable their clients to turn any room into a stunning yet efficient setting.

EV Interior Designing Company has been at the forefront of interior design since 2014. We offer customized designs for residential and commercial areas. Although headquartered in Thrissur , EV operates across multiple cities, bringing innovative and personalized interior solutions to homeowners and businesses alike. They specialize in making dreams a reality—and EV Interior Designing Company is your partner to take it even further!


Working with EV Interiors was such a wonderful experience! They are genuinely the best Interior designers in Thrissur. Since we first met, they were attentive to our imaginations and suggestions. The staff was professional throughout our entire experience. What impressed me was their focus on detail and dedication to high quality. They transformed our home into something that was beyond our expectations. We are grateful to EV Interiors for making our dream space a reality!


It’s been a true pleasure working together with EV interiors. They are aware of not just the aesthetic aspect, but the practical aspects of renovating. They offered practical, helpful guidance. EV interiors greatly improved the design of our home as she was attentive to our requirements. The service was efficient and punctually. I highly recommend The best interior designers in thrissur EV interiors.



Address: 2nd floor, Vadakkethala Tower, Sastha Nagar, Patturaikkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680002


Phone: 075599 18807

 2. DLife Home Interior

D’LIFE Interior Company boasts over 1200 employees throughout Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kerala, Mysore, Chennai, Nagercoil Coimbatore Madul & Mangalore. 100% customized furniture and modular kitchens are among the company’s first names; dealing directly with customers reduces costs by eliminating intermediaries; longevity, orderly work practices and highly skilled employees make D’LIFE the leader of its industry; contemporary designs by professionals ensure beautiful home furnishings; customer expectations have been constantly exceeded since 2004 when the company first opened its doors!


Address: 2nd Floor, EM Space Building, Thrissur – Kunnamkulam Rd, near Sobha City, Puzhakkal, Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala 680002

Phone: 099951 95555

3. Arch Intent Studios

Arch Intent Studios of Calicut, Kerala, offers comprehensive design services in architecture, interior design, branding and commercial branding for residential and commercial projects. Their dynamic team consists of top architects and interior designers from Kerala who pride themselves on delivering excellent client services.

They provide a collection of architectural, construction, and interior design services. Their experience encompasses residential and commercial projects – making them a versatile solution provider that delivers innovative yet functional design solutions.

Arch Intent Studios is known for its meticulous approach, creative flair and commitment to client satisfaction. Whether you are renovating your home or beginning a commercial venture, Arch Intent Studios has everything needed to bring your visions into reality with style and precision.


Address: Concepts House, East Hill Rd, Bilathikkulam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673005

Phone: 081290 34143

4. Calicut Home

Calicut Home is the Interior Designers In Kozhikode known for its high-end residential and commercial property design expertise. As one of Calicut’s premier architects and interior designers, they employ engineers, architects, interior designers, and more who excel in completing projects related to architecture, construction, interior design, and more. Calicut Home strives to meet each client’s specific requirements by offering unparalleled services that surpass expectations.

They provide comprehensive architecture, construction, and interior design services across both residential and commercial sectors in Calicut. Their highly qualified professionals bring expertise and creativity to every project they undertake, offering innovative designs that enhance spaces while delighting clients.

Calicut Home is committed to excellence, ensuring each project is executed precisely and carefully. From designing new homes to renovating commercial spaces, Calicut Home’s team can deliver outstanding results that reflect their clients’ dreams and aspirations. For kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, we offer a range of options that blend style and functionality seamlessly into your design.


Address: 6QWP+CVM, Tali, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673002

5. JaydsignArchistudio

JaydsignArchistudio interior in Calicut has earned an outstanding reputation within Kerala’s interior design community for its attention to detail and exquisite home makeovers. With top interior designers dedicated to exceeding client expectations, it specializes in beautiful home makeovers.

They provide interior design and furnishing services for residential and commercial projects. Their comprehensive portfolio includes solutions tailored specifically for clients seeking unique design solutions.

jaydsignArchistudio dedication to excellence can be seen in their approach to every project. Creativity, quality, and client satisfaction remain at the core of everything they do. From residential redesigning to commercial expansion projects, their team diligently works on every interior space to craft inspiring yet practical interior designs that leave a lasting impression on customers.


Address: A.M Complex, First floor, opposite to presentation church, Chevayoor, Kozhikode, Kerala 673017

Phone: 086068 45783

 6. Concetto Design Co

Concetto Design Co is an architecture consultancy Company In Calicut specializing in creating, designing, and interior architecture for residential and commercial projects. Their comprehensive interior design services aim to craft beautiful spaces that foster well-being and bring joy to their homeowners.

They offer architecture, construction, and interior design services. Its team includes professional architects and interior designers from Kerala who excel at turning homes into peaceful retreats, meticulously paying attention to each transformation detail.

Concetto Design Co is dedicated to offering exceptional design solutions for residential and commercial projects, from new home designs to space renovations. Their team strives to create environments that inspire their clients while improving their quality of life.


Address: IGBT Bypass Road, near Ganga Gas Agency, Manjeri, Kerala 676121

Phone: 0483 297 2233

7.  Beyond Senses

Beyond Senses is an established multi-disciplinary architectural firm in Calicut. Their team offers tailored architectural design solutions for residential and commercial properties to meet client requirements.

They specialize in architectural, construction and interior design services to help turn dreams into realities as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Their team takes great pride in working collaboratively with clients to make those dreams a reality soon.

Beyond Senses stands out as one of Kerala’s premier architects and interior designers, dedicated to client satisfaction and excellence in every project they undertake – whether residential or commercial. Their team strives to produce results that showcase creativity, innovation, quality craftsmanship and impeccable results that reflect client desires.


Address: NH Bypass, Pantheerankavu Jct, Kozhikode, Kerala 673014

Phone: 094955 53144

8.  Exin Planners & Interiors

Exin Planners & Interiors stands out as one of the famous interior designers in kerala. They offer custom-designed furniture solutions and furnishing services that ensure full client satisfaction. Kerala Interior Designers take an innovative client-first approach when providing residential and commercial project services.

They offers complete interior design and furnishing services tailored to its clients’ specific needs and preferences. Their primary goal is to create functional yet attractive environments for their customers.

Exin Planners & Interiors stands out for its dedication, creativity, and exceptional work in residential renovation and commercial project work. Their team strives to exceed client expectations by designing spaces that excite and inspire – an impressive feat in Calicut! For customized interior design solutions in the area, look no further than Exin Planners & Interiors.


Address: City Center Building, Kallachi, Nadapuram, Kerala 673506

Phone: 088818 84488


EV Interiors is an exceptional option for outstanding interior designers in Calicut . Boasting creative designers prioritizing client satisfaction and highly experienced teams specializing in offering tailored and beautiful solutions that exceed client expectations, EV Interiors consistently exceeds client expectations with beautiful solutions that surpass expectations.

Whether residential or commercial, EV Interiors’ expert interior architecture, decor, and furnishings solutions ensure an enjoyable design experience, reach out today and let them help bring your design visions to life and transform your space into something unique!