Get Inspired: Trendy Study Room Design for Kids in 2024

study room design for kids

A well-structured study room design for kids could be an area to relax as they learn, develop, and expand their imagination. It is a area for them to concentrate on their studies, and fosters an appreciation for the responsibility and autonomy. Additionally, a thoughtfull study room ideas can inspire a love for learning and enhance cognitive abilities. The space for studying or working must be appropriately organized, equipped and decorated to increase efficiency.

However, this doesn’t suggest that it should appear dull. If your study area is intended for children, it should be designed with the right furniture and colour schemes that stimulate imagination and boost concentration. Research has proven that an environment for learning with creativity can boost mental development, critical thinking abilities, and academic performance for children. By incorporating enjoyment, colours, fun, and practicality into the study space, children are likelier to be engaged in their studies and remember knowledge effectively.

study room design for kids

Different study spaces with different themes can be designed according to the child’s age and interest. It increases their enthusiasm and draws them into their study area rather than turning them away. It is also possible to have the decor inspired by elements from nature since they offer plenty of fresh air and a tranquil setting for your child to work within. It helps them focus on whatever they are doing.

With a strong emphasis on creativity and  practicality, one of the top interior designers in Kerala, EV Interiors has been at the forefront of creating modern study spaces that encourage and inspire children to excel in their academic endeavours. We at EV Interiors understand the importance of a beautifully designed study area for children. Let’s look at some creative concepts for EV Interiors, a leading design firm that creates modern and practical school environments. Here are 6 study room design for kids to use…

Creative Study Room Design for Kids 

1. Children study room with bookshelves

How do you incorporate libraries into your space? Don’t look any further! Rooms for reading or study do not have bookshelves without them. You can make the most of your blank wall with a large wall-mounted shelf or array of storage bins for the books you need, office equipment and a couple of decorations.

kids study room

It is possible to have a basic wall-mounted desk and even a few stools that can be placed beneath, according to the height of your desk. Everything you’ll need is over the top and is easily reachable. Make use of wall-mounted bookcases to create the perfect study area. Create a cosy reading area to create a cosy reading nook. By installing bookshelves, you can turn the space into a library!

2. Small modern study room design

Consider incorporating modern and sleek furniture pieces into contemporary design concepts for study rooms to maximize the space and provide a modern, practical study space. In smaller rooms, look for elegant and minimal furniture for the best use of space. Utilize bright colours and intelligent storage strategies to create an appealing and practical study space.

children study room

Take advantage of your wall space with a large wall-mounted shelving unit or a collection of cubbies to store desk supplies, books, and other accessories. Based on our height, we can have a basic wall-mounted desk and a stool that can be placed neatly under the desk. Use space-saving furniture and colourful colours to make an attractive and functional space for studying.

3. Colorful kids study room designs

What’s the reason behind your kids study rooms should be boring? Escape the monotony of monochrome and fill your space with an explosion of colours that reflect your imagination’s dynamism. Bring vibrant patterns and colours to encourage creativity and boost the energy of your classroom.

study room design for kids

Therefore, let go of boring walls and welcome the world of possibilities! Adding your favourite colours to your study space is ideal for showcasing your personal styles. Reading rooms’ colours don’t only look appealing; they’re great for mood-boosting and add fun to the children study room. Explore the vivid hues and observe as your performance increases with various possibilities.

4. Minimalist kids study room designs

One of the most efficient methods to create a positive workplace is to keep your study space clean and clear. A messy space not only clutters an area and makes the space less productive but also confuses your mind. Therefore, staying with a minimalist room design is an ideal choice. Enjoy simplicity and practicality through simple lines, neutral colours, and clutter-free workspaces.

small modern study room design

A sleek and straightforward study decor could make the room appear better than flashy and extravagant options. The table you use for your study in the space could look as straightforward as a countertop, with no drawers or storage spaces underneath. If you want a sleek look, one wall can feature a bold pop of colour, while the remainder can be white or a soft neutral. White brings a soothing and calming energy to any space you want to focus on!

5. Luxurious study room designs

This is your little corner to work in and create an elegant room that exudes elegance and luxury. You can achieve this appearance by adding small details, such as the luxurious red sofa with a couch or a bold blue accent wall. Most of the time, the most superficial elements with a royal tinge transform an area into an elegant one.

study room design for kids

It is possible to transform your home into a luxurious space that effortlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with practical sophistication. Make the most of elegant style and raise your studying to new heights. Prepare to be immersed in a wholesome mix of fashion and work can become an enjoyable experience in your exclusive space.

6. Bedrooms with study area

There is no need to have additional space for studying or work. Learn from our designs for bedrooms that contain study spaces; they make a perfect solution for small bedrooms in your house. These also help if you are seeking more storage space for your bedroom. It is recommended that you make some immediate adjustments to the bedroom to incorporate space-saving and functional study table designs inside your bedroom.

small modern study room design

By incorporating these flexible bedroom or study room design ideas, you’ll eliminate all your work-from-home and study-from-home problems. Even if you work remotely, having a study space within your bedroom could be very efficient, especially for homes with limited space. So, prepare for a look through our selection of study tables in bedroom concepts.

Essential Steps for Designing Kids Study Room

1. Set the Scene

Do your children enjoy doing their work alone? Or do they want a more enjoyable studying space? For all kids who want privacy, make an area for study in the bedroom or a corner far from the main area. If, on the other hand, your child prefers studying within a crowded environment or prefers to socialize with other students, set up a permanent place in the family space to study.

However, make sure you stay away from distractions by removing all social gatherings that occur in these spaces. Based on your child’s preferences, you can set up the area ideally to be ideal for studying.

2. Make the Space Comfortable

Find a spot that will make your child at ease, calm, and alert. Make sure that the space does not cause him to sleep. If the seating area isn’t comfortable or soft, the child may become lost in his study and switch locations. This can disrupt the study period and divert from the focus on sound. But If the children study room isn’t comfortable enough, the space could tire your child. It would help if you considered getting a comfy seat that’s perfect to sit in and won’t cause you to feel sleepy.

3. Ergonomic-it

The best surface for your kids study room must be at their waist level. If your child is sitting down, make sure they sit their elbows flat in the chair. Your child’s shoulders should not be curled up. Your child’s legs should be able to rest their flat feet without soaring over the floor. If that doesn’t happen to your child, you can make him sit on a chair for extra height or put a box of shoes underneath his feet for resting on his legs. Lay a blanket on your child’s back to avoid discomfort.

If your child works using a computer, ensure that you make sure that the computer is at least 18-30 inches away from their eyes. Installing an anti-glare display to help keep your eyes clean and healthy is also beneficial. This will help keep your child’s eyes healthy.

4. Light it up

If your child isn’t getting enough illumination while reading, they may be lost in the book. Lighting is crucial for your child to concentrate on their book and not distract himself from the environment. Using a desk or study top lamp is helpful for your child to see their book clearly. Ambience lighting or room light bulbs aren’t adequate to give the books a clear view. Consider combining overhead lighting and an office lamp to allow your child to aim at notebooks.

5. Spread Out and Stock up

Be sure your child can sort through his stuff without getting lost in a sea of documents. If your child has a laptop computer installed on your desk, place it on the opposite side of the corner to create space for the desk. This allows your child to keep notebooks and pen holders on the table without getting caught between the stationery. Make sure you have stationery that your child constantly seeks out.

Find out what they always looking for, such as pencils, scissors, papers, or other types of stationery. Place the items in his drawer on his table so he doesn’t have to get up whenever required. It is best to keep all the necessary items in one place. Additionally, it would help if you had the child maintain a task list along with a calendar, a to-do list, and a kids’ planner on their table so that they will remember their tasks.

6. Organize and Decorate

Pick a Study table with sufficient drawers and sections to keep everything organized. You can also purchase extra drawers, boxes, and organizers to place on the opposite side of your study table. This will prevent your child from losing small items while keeping everything neat.

If you wish to get your child excited about studying, create an attractive study area. A dull, bleak or unorganized study area will never draw your child to sit down and study. Find meaningful things such as images, artwork, posters or any other decorative items for your classroom. Decorate your study area with these items to ensure that it keeps your child entertained while they do their homework.

kids study room


A trendy layout for a study space designed for kids in 2024 could significantly enhance the way they learn. Parents can make a stimulating study environment that encourages development and growth by focusing on creativity, function and ease of use. Be sure to integrate EV Interiors, trending interior designers in Kerala innovative solutions to create a unique studying experience. By 2024, study spaces encouraging efficiency and creativity will be crucial for young children. This significantly influences a student’s understanding of learning, so ensuring you have a properly designed area for children study room is essential.

For a practical and stimulating learning environment for children, consider incorporating ergonomic furniture, appropriate lighting, and an individualized design. These components can provide the perfect environment for learning and increase productivity.

EV Interiors is a leading interior designers in thrissur that creates creative and fashionable study room design for kids. The company comprises seasoned design professionals; EV Interiors can transform every space into an exciting and engaging learning environment.