Top Trending Luxury Interior design For Your Modern Homes

luxury interior design

Explore the world of luxury interior design, where each component is carefully selected to create a space that perfectly represents luxury and elegance. At EV Interior Company in Thrissur, we specialize in turning ordinary spaces into stunning places of luxury and elegance.

Luxury interior design is more than just aesthetics. It’s about creating an environment that improves the appearance and feel of your living space. From the selection of top materials to the intelligent layout of furnishings and décor, each detail is carefully considered to convey a sense of elegance and class.

Quality materials such as luxurious fabrics, luxurious finishes and extravagant accents provide texture and a sense of richness, creating an ambience that entices the senses. The thoughtful lighting design adds to the overall atmosphere, lighting crucial features and setting the scene to relax and enjoy.

With our experience in the field of luxury Interior design EV Interior Company ensures that each and every project is an expression of the individuality of our clients and personal style. You may be looking to turn your house into a luxury getaway or create a chic environment for your business, we’re there to help you turn your dream into reality using the most sophisticated design and style.

If you live in Thrissur, EV Interiors Company is an ideal option for expert guidance and top-quality workmanship. They can transform your home into a lavish space that expresses your style and requirements. EV interiors is the famous interior designers in Kerala.


A. Materials:

1. Fancy Fabrics: In the world of luxury interior design, extravagant fabrics like velvet, silk, and premium upholstery have the upper hand. These fabrics not only provide an exquisite tactile experience but also exude a sense of class, elevating the overall ambience of any space. From extravagant sofas to trendy curtains, they are the hallmark of luxury interior design.

2. Beautiful Woods: Luxury interior design typically incorporates stunning woods such as mahogany, walnut, and teak. These top materials are selected because of their stunning quality and beauty, bringing the interior a feeling of warmth and richness. When it comes to adorning furniture or covering floors, they are a symbol of the commitment of interior design to luxury, excellence, and class. Beautiful wood is a best example for materials.

3.Shiny Metals: Glamorous metals like gold, brass, and silver are commonly used in luxury interior design to enhance the interior with a dash of elegance. From sparkling chandeliers to elaborate ornaments, these metals attract attention and boost the lavish aesthetic of the space, capturing the essence of luxury and elegance.

4. Faux leather: Faux leather is a one of the materials used for luxury interior design.Faux leather consists of two kinds: polyvinyl Chloride and Polyurethane. These synthetic materials are treated with chemicals to give them the identical texture, color, and feel as genuine leather. Faux leather is a versatile material that is used to create furniture, couches, clothing, and chair covers.

Faux leather is cheaper than genuine leather and may be polished for a matte or high-gloss appearance. It also requires less care as it is not prone to staining and is UV-resistant to prevent easy fading. It’s a flexible material that can be easily stitched into pieces of any dimension.

5.laminated glass: Luxury interior design can be elevated with laminated glass, offering a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality.This material offers a unique mix of functionality and aesthetics. This flexible material permits the creation of any design between glass sheets and allows for the personalization of the glass itself, increasing its appearance. Colored glass can fill interiors with lasting vibrancy, while frosted glass provides a distinctive style to areas that value transparency and openness. Also, laminated glass removes more than 99% of the damaging UV spectrum, protecting interior finishes from damage

6.Parchment: In the world of luxury interior design, parchment is not only paper but also animal skins usually sourced from goats, sheep, or cows. Scraping and drying reveal a translucent look with a soft texture perfect for creating lampshades, wall screens, or sconces. It has a soft but sturdy appearance as a surface material, which is ideal for applications like door panels for cabinets and walls. Despite its vulnerability to punctures because of its skin-based composition, it can be considered a long-lasting alternative, bringing a distinct style to furnishings in interiors.

7.Clay and Ceramics: Clay is among the oldest materials used in making artefacts and designs since the dawn of civilization. It is solid and durable, not porous, so it is suitable for use in areas with water. Clay and terracotta artefacts can be used to make full-length murals that showcase your creative ideas. The earth’s tones give warmth, and the clay can easily be painted with any theme or décor.

Ceramics are typically less expensive than wood and can also hold colour for an extended period of time. They are easy to wash, withstand staining effectively, and do not retain the scents of chemicals or food. Ceramics make super smooth surfaces that don’t have corrosion issues. Ceramic furniture requires many crafting skills to create stunning designs and withstand extreme temperatures effectively. 

  1. Furniture:

1.Custom-made pieces: At the centre of the luxury interior design is the idea of custom-made craftsmanship. Custom-made furniture lets designers customize each piece to the particular needs and preferences of the customer to ensure that the furniture is ideally suited to the space unique designs that embody the essence of high-end interior design, delivering unbeatable quality and exclusiveness.

modern luxury interior design

2.Special Furniture: Luxurious interiors usually include furniture that transcends function to become artwork in their own right. From elaborately designed sofas and sculptural tables for coffee, these unique pieces are selected to match the room’s overall style, blending it with an air of luxury and class.

luxury interior design

3.Classic luxury furniture: Classic luxury furniture is the embodiment of classic elegance and class. The style is typically distinguished by intricate details, elaborate carvings, and dark, rich wood finishes. It is influenced by historic times while also harkening back to the splendor of the past and reminiscent of European palaces and estates of the aristocratic class.

luxury interior design

4.Modern luxury furniture: modern luxury furniture can be described as a seamless combination of modern design and premium materials. It blends modern lines, sleek forms, and minimalistic aesthetics with a keen concentration on ease of use. This style is ideal for those who want a minimalist but luxurious style.modern luxury furnitures is one of the best luxury interior design.

modern luxury interior design

5.Vintage luxury furniture: Vintage furniture captures the essence of an earlier period, providing a feeling of nostalgia, history, and style, which makes it a great choice for those who want to create a stunning luxury interior design. This style is inspired by the appeal of antiques and heirloom pieces, offering the class and elegance that is synonymous with luxury interior design.

modern luxury interior design


1.Classic design :

Classic luxury interior design focus on creating a luxurious and refined space that is elegant and timeless. They use high-end materials like luxurious textiles, rich woods, and polished metals to give a feeling of luxury to every corner. Imagine elaborate furniture with ornate carvings, intricate designs, lavish fabrics such as silk and velvet, and sparkling crystal chandeliers that cast an inviting glow. Classic luxury design is a best example for luxury interior design. 


2.Modern minimalist design: Modern minimalist luxury interior design can make a space look stylish and sophisticated while keeping it simple. It’s all about clean, straight lines and smooth surfaces and not a lot of designs or colors. There are rooms with ample space and furniture with primary forms. Materials used in the design, such as glass and marble, are very attractive and provide an impression of luxury. modern minimalist design is also providing the best guest bedroom ideas. This Design changes the beauty of the house.

modern luxury interior design

3.Eclectic design:

Eclectic interior design is about mixing and blending various styles and objects to create a unique and distinctive space. It combines the old and the new to create a fantastic look. Imagine a room decorated with vintage furniture, a bright rug, and contemporary artwork all in one. It’s all about creating a space that is unique and interesting. It could be a combination of wood tables, comfortable chairs, and bright lights that blend beautifully. Eclectic Design is also providing the best home decor ideas. This Design changes the beauty of the house.

modern luxury interior design

4. Contemporary design:

contemporary interior design is all about creating a chic and elegant space that has a contemporary twist. It blends modern lines, minimalist design and premium materials to give a feeling of elegance. Consider rooms that have minimalist designs and clean lines that feature furniture with smooth surfaces and geometric designs. It is also emphasized by the use of high-end materials such as marble, granite and polished metals providing a touch of luxury at every turn. This design will give you the most elegant appearance for your living room and dining room.

luxury interior design


summarize, the best way to describe choosing a trendy, luxury interior design for your modern home is by adding a touch of class and practicality. It doesn’t matter if you like classical luxury, contemporary minimalist luxury, eclectic luxury or modern luxury; each style adds its own unique style to your home. and 

If you live in Thrissur, EV Interiors Company is an ideal option for expert guidance and top-quality workmanship. They can transform your home into a lavish space that expresses your style and requirements. EV interiors is the most trusted and best interior designers in Kerala.

If you keep up with the most recent trends in luxury home design and collaborate with reputable firms such as EV Interiors, you can build a home that is both chic and cozy. The home will be a place where you can enjoy your time and relax with style in a setting surrounded by elegance and beauty.