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  Kitchen interior design kerala trends are changing rapidly in interior design. Kitchen space is not only just a place. It’s a memory-making and quality family time spent apace in the home, so we should be cautious about selecting the right style and material that fit our design.

Also, a reputed and experienced design company can only help you with this. Then, there is the importance of EV interior Thrissur. We are specialists in modular kitchen thrissur, and that’s why we have become number one interior designers in Kerala. A good and experienced interior designer can know the quality materials that make your design authentic. So, in this blog, you can clear all your doubts about kitchen interior design kerala and turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

New trends in kitchen interior design Kerala

simple kitchen interior design

There are three main types of kitchen designs. There, we can choose what will be my choice according to our interests and also our kitchen space according to the style

  • Antique and modern mixed-look kitchen
  • Semi modern kitchen
  • Ultra-modern modular kitchens

Are the three types of kitchen styles now trending. The first one gives more design value based on traditional style, looking at matching wall designs and kitchen accessories, etc. giving us a conventional home kitchen appearance, but in the case of functionality, it is entirely a modern style and the designs are easy to use, and advanced technologies are used.

simple kitchen interior design

In the second type, we prioritise functionality over the traditional look. In the first one, natural materials like wood are mainly used, but new materials with a natural look and more durability are used in this trend. if you are looking for small modular kitchen then this type is right for you.

simple kitchen interior design

In ultra-modern modular kitchens, new styles and technology are used, and simple and more space-saving designs are used, like bottle pullouts and tall units. In this style, we need a spacious kitchen room, and our kitchen is not only a single-family kitchen. It’s like a premium luxury space. modular kitchen thrissur trends are now changing it becoming more futuristic now. in these 3 types lighting is also very important kitchen lighting ideas will chage your kitchen look entirely.

Shape Types For simple Kitchen Interior Design

simple kitchen interior design

Stright type kitchen


This type of kitchen is fully built with a single kitchen wall. Upper and lower space are used for storage. It’s an efficient design for tiny homes and creates a more extensive look to the kitchen. Also, if the designer is brilliant and experienced, he can create a linear process flow layout for cooking; thus, cooking will be easy and time-saving. Also, plumbing and electrical works are done, and maintenance will be done effortlessly.

simple kitchen interior design

L – shaped kitchen


If you need more productivity from the kitchen but have a small space for the kitchen, then you go for L-shaped type kitchens. In this type, multiple persons can cook at a time for more family members. The small space is conveniently used for less travelling for the ingredients and cooking equipment. The 90-degree L shape easily allows two people to use the kitchen more efficiently.

open kitchen interior design ideas

Open kitchen

The open kitchen is like a straight kitchen but is not an isolated type. No wall separates the kitchen and living, so the cooking person never feels isolated. It creates good kitchen ventilation and can also help cook, interact with family, and watch TV simultaneously. In this we are sharing some Open kitchen interior design ideas that will help you to change your kitchen.

simple kitchen interior design

U – shaped kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is the right choice for people needing more working space. This gives a large amount of space for storage, and we can divide our kitchen into different zones like cooking, cleaning, storage, etc. It’s a better option for joint families who need more space for a kitchen. so U-Shaped Modular Kitchen design ideas will gives you more working space.

simple kitchen interior design

Island kitchen type

A small kitchen dining area is a convenient method for fast food delivery and quality time spent with family members. If you have children, the mother can look at them while they eat and check them, too, creating quality time between them. It’s suitable for large kitchen area homes to create an extra dining area inside the kitchen.

Material selection for kitchen interior design kerala

Material selection is essential for your kitchen. Since homes and climates are different, what materials I choose determine the quality and beauty of our kitchen. When you visit your relative’s home, you notice the bubbly deformations and dampness in the kitchen, which is terrible if it happens to us, so choosing good quality and suitable material is essential. Below are some essential materials in the market now available for kitchen interior design kerala.

the quality of the materials using is also indicates your homes life and also your safety and the future maintance of your home

simple kitchen interior design

MDF panels

MDF panels are moderate-density hardwood panels for the kitchen. They use wood pulp to compress it into panels, and it is chemically treated and hardened for durability. It’s a low-cost, highly durable panel available in the market. This allows us to utilise trees and save nature.

Its dimensions are stable. It does not bend or change shape over time. It is pest-resistant and smoother than natural wood, but workability is a problem only experienced workers can handle. Also, continuous exposure to water makes it less durable and swollen.

simple kitchen interior design

Particle board type

A particle board is a low-density fiber board made by an extrusion process, so its density is less and very brittle. It is made of wood chips and synthetic resin. It is environment-friendly, lightweight, easy to use, and affordable However, due to its brittle character, it can’t be used for heavy machining. It broke while screwing and drilling, and it cant be used for heavy-duty areas because it easily damaged by water and fire it is the most using and trending in Kitchen interior design kerala

simple kitchen interior design

Stainless steel type

Stainless steel is a corrosion-free steel that can withstand high temperatures, is fire heat- and is highly water resistant. Professional chefs prefer this type because this steel type has no fungal or bacterial growth. Also, cleaning is easy, has more strength, and does not deform others. But it’s costly and makes judgments on the kitchen, and removing these is hard, and it’s not 100% corrosion resistant. Some chlorides and harsh chemicals make it rust or stain. Regular cleaning is needed for this type. it mainly uses top class peoples Kitchen interior design kerala because its high price

simple kitchen interior design

PVC – board type

Polyvinyl chloride, known as PVC, is a synthetic plastic. Its heat resistance is high, scratch-proof, affordable, and requires low maintenance. Its colour options are unlimited, and it has a high weight carrying capacity too in lightweight character, and easy to use  But its colour fades on exposure to sunlight, deforms shape in the future, and quickly catches fire. due to its cheap price it uses more in middle class Kitchen interior design kerala


Kitchen interior design Kerala trends are changing daily. new trends in kitchen decor ideas all are changing New materials are introduced in the market daily, and designs are also changed. Hence, we have to keep up with the latest trends, too, but selecting the right design and material is a problem for us.  so only a Kitchen interior design kerala specialist can make your dream kitchen comes true like EV interiors

In this blog, you get solutions for your kitchen-making ideas. Only a good design can not make a good kitchen. We need good and experienced workers to make our dream design a reality; thus, EV interior Thrissur is important. we have the best interior designers in kerala We have well-experienced professional workers for working and high market and material knowledge,  of experience and the happiness of satisfied customers. I hope you can clear all your doubts about kitchen interior design kerala in this blog.