The best 7 interior designers in Kochi transform living, residential and commercial spaces throughout the city. With the help of professionals and experts, interior designers have created various prestigious construction projects. The interior design industry is rising to new heights. Choosing the most reputable interior designer can reduce time and energy and provide pocket-friendly luxury interiors for your upcoming projects. Kochi, a city famous for its wealthy residents, is home to some of the best interior designers in the business.


In recent times, interior design has changed. People want more than just whitewashed walls and basic furniture for their homes or workplaces. With increased income, people now look for modern office spaces with luxurious furnishings and stylish interiors. This is also true for homes, apartments, and villas. In urban and city areas, many homeowners use interior designers to redesign the interiors of their homes. The interior isn’t the only thing that the designers are working on, however, but also on the exterior as well. Commercial complexes and offices are no longer bland. Through interior design, the whole design of the space changes, making it appear more modern and stylish. 

The designers focus on creating an atmosphere and a comfortable setting while considering the surroundings. The reception area, cabins or conference rooms, stalls and even corridors are designed or modified to make the most attractive appearance. The importance of budget-friendly is also given. The furniture used contributes to the convenience. Employing the best interior designers will aid you in creating the home you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re searching for interior designers in Palakkad, Kochi, or Kerala doesn’t matter. This article could be highly instructive.

Why Do We Need An Interior Designer?

Recently, every commercial and office establishment and many homeowners have been utilizing the services of professional interior designers to design their offices and homes. It’s not just the new homes that interior designers focus only on. They also work on improving and beautifying old structures as well.

Depending on your desired budget, a skilled interior designer can design the entire structure or one or two rooms. If you live in Kerala and are looking for interior designers who could create a stunning effect for you and enhance your office or home. Check out this list. It provides you with information on the top interior designers in Kochi. Most of the list are among the top interior designers in Kochi, Kerala. Here is the complete list.

Best 7 Interior Designers In Kochi


EV Interior Designing Company in Thrissur has been the best interior design in the last four years. They specialize in creating completely custom designs for commercial and residential spaces. The company is renowned for its imagination and innovative process; this company from Kerala has a talented group of highly skilled designers who are among the best designers in the region.

Every project managed by EV Interior Designing Company reflects its dedication to excellence and care for the smallest detail, from the initial idea to the final design. However, it’s not because of one thing that they rank at the top of the list; there are many reasons for choosing them. Their method is characterized by a thorough knowledge of their client’s requirements and preferences, which allows the creation of designs that precisely reflect the style of each client and preferences.

EV Interior Designing Company excels in transforming spaces into stunning and practical environments in Kochi, Malappuram, Thrissur, or Ernakulam. If you’re looking to renovate your home or re-design the office, They are the perfect partner to transform your ideas into reality. From 2014 onwards, EV Interior Designing Company has been at the top market in Thrissur by providing custom and creative design solutions for commercial and residential projects. The company has grown into one of the top design companies in Kochi, Kerala, and the state of Kerala overall. Their work is unique and imaginative, improving with each new project.


2nd floor, Vadakkethala Tower, Sastha Nagar, Patturaikkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680002

Phone: 075599 18807

2. Greentech Interior Designers

Greentech Interiors is among the budget interior designers in kochi and is considered one of the best interior designers in Kerala. They are among the top in interior design because they love decorating offices and homes according to their customer’s preferences.  Greentech is among the longest-running interior designers for flats and houses in Cochin and is now designing office buildings and homes. Over the past twenty years, they have satisfied many clients. Based on your preferences and budget, they are able to make your homeowner comfortable in every way. 

They can also make your home luxurious and budget-friendly for the most significant client. In every successful company, there is a lot of hard work and dedication to the employees who put in the effort and ensure that the reputation of their business is kept high. This is the same for the engineers and designers employed by Greentech. Greentech has a staff of highly motivated and hardworking experts. Greentech earned its name as the top Interior designer in Kochi, Kerala, due to the many completed full designs in Kochi and other areas of Kerala. 


34/978D, Harmony Lane ,Opp. ,Cochin Corporation, Edappally Zonal Office, Anchumana Mamangalam Road, Kochi – 682024

Phone: 99470 38500

3. D’Life Home Interiors

D’LIFE Home Interiors is a top provider of custom designs for interiors in Kochi and features an experienced team of designers committed to creating stylish and modern living spaces for houses and apartments. They initially focus on a personal approach to cooperating with their clients to learn their preferences and needs. This collaboration process guarantees an end outcome that meets and tops expectations.

Three showrooms strategically placed in Kochi, Edappally, Kakkanad, and Vyttila, D’LIFE allows customers to browse contemporary design showcases and talk directly with design professionals. In addition to showing design concepts, they serve as a hub where customers can imagine their ideal space and discuss ideas with experts.

D’LIFE’s offerings go beyond design, encompassing a variety of solutions from the initial planning stages to installation and furnishing. They’re dedicated to creating spaces that strike the ideal balance between function, style, practicality and personal style. Every project completed by D’LIFE reflects their dedication to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, making them a top choice for those looking for stylish and tailored interiors.


51/24A -2, 1st Floor, Tharayil Tower, above Indusind Bank, Poonithura, Vyttila, Ernakulam, Kerala 682019

Phone: 0484 400 0119

4. Renjith Associates

With our fantastic creativity, professionalism, and 10 years of continuous improvement, we have earned ourselves the title of the most renowned  best Interior designer in Kerala. We provide complete interior design services to our clients at the highest standards. Renjith Associates is a well-organized and fully-fledged company for interior design located in Kochi that offers complete services in interior design. We employ the most advanced design technology to deliver the best results.

We manufacture high-end furniture in our manufacturing facility to customize interior designs to suit the space. We use only top-quality materials and the latest technology to create exquisite, comfortable furnishings of the highest quality that are built to last!


Ground floor, EARA – 59, Near Oberon Mall, Kochi

Phone: 98474 38814

5. Arena Interiors

Arena Interiors is an outstanding full-service service contractor and  interior designer in Kochi. They are known for their experience designing and remodeling services for commercial and residential areas. Arena Interiors is a young and vibrant firm offering comprehensive design solutions for various interior environments.

Focusing on interior design and the transformation of homes and office spaces, Arena Interiors has earned a solid reputation for its innovative approach and dedication to quality. They offer customized solutions to every client’s specific desires and needs, ensuring every project is an ideal blend of function and style.With a special focus on inspiring kitchen cabinet hardware ideas,living room, dining room,bedrooms  etc.

Whether new design ideas or executing a remodeling project, Arena Interiors stands out as one of the most reputable names in the industry. Their portfolio is a wide variety of successful projects, showing their ability to design appealing and practical interiors for different environments. Arena Interiors is dedicated to creating extraordinary design solutions to improve working and living spaces by blending style and luxury.


Door no. 32/1836E1, NH Bypass Paddivattom, Near Palarivattom Pipeline Junction, Cochin 682024

Phone: 0484 4010444

6. Rak Interiors

We create homes with a different style that shows our uniqueness, so we’re now one of Kochi’s most renowned interior design companies. RAK Interiors aspires to make your home the most gorgeous one on the planet. At RAK Interiors, we started with our first group of interior design experts about eight years ago. Within this short period, we’ve been recognized as experts in our area. We believe that design isn’t something that comes from the brain but rather the heart’s idea, and anything that originates directly from your heart can be beautiful and caring, including your home. RAK interiors can be designed for you.

We are happy to announce that we’ve completed over 1000 projects successfully! This is just a number; however, each is a masterpiece of the experience of only RAK Interiors, the top office interior designers in Kochi.


340C&D,MI Arcade,NH-47,Toll gate, Edappally, Kochi-682024.

Phone – 97465 12345

7.Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd

Monnaie Architects and Interiors is at the top of Kerala’s list of top design and architecture firms. So far, we have completed more than 700 projects throughout Kerala. We have done low-cost and expensive home projects to suit the preferences of our clients. Our headquarters is located in Palakkad, while the other major branch is based in Cochin. We work on projects across Kerala.

Monnaie Architects and Interiors is the most renowned home design company and the best architect in Kochi, Kerala, with over 800 construction projects completed successfully in South India. We offer every service required to build a house most imaginatively. Our designs, whether interior design, architecture or furnishing their execution, reflect the highest standards of aesthetics, quality and creativity.We are known as the best homeowners in Kerala to many people and are perceived as one of the top architectural companies in Kerala. Palakkad, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kochi, Kottayam, Trivandrum, Calicut, and all other locations in Kerala, Bangalore as well as Coimbatore city


Asianet Studio, 32/2480B Palathinkal Building Opp, Kochappilly Rd, Sonia Nagar, Palarivattom, Kochi-682025 .

Phone – 9625080808

Choosing The Right Interior Designer In 2024

When deciding on the ideal Interior designer to work with on your design, it is essential to consider various aspects.

  • You must evaluate the design skills of the designer by looking at their past qualifications, experience, and education. Find a designer who is skilled in the kind of design you are thinking.
  • Carefully review the designer’s portfolio of previous projects. Be attentive to their work and creativity and focus on the most minor details. That will help you understand their abilities and if their style aligns with your expectations.
  • Also, customer reviews and testimonials should be examined to assess the quality of work, reliability, and ability to satisfy clients’ expectations. Previous clients’ feedback can offer valuable insight into the process they follow and general satisfaction.
  • Precise and efficient communication is crucial to ensure the success of a collaboration. Be sure the designer knows your design goals and preferences in detail. Be open to their suggestions based on your experience.
  • Finally, discuss and agree on your budget at the beginning of the process. A professional interior designer will be able to work within the limitations of your budget while offering innovative and practical design ideas that will enhance your space.

Take the time to evaluate these elements and maintain an open conversation with your preferred design team. You will make sure you have a positive and successful partnership that will result in a space that reflects the style of your home and is in line with your needs.


When deciding on the right interior design company for Kochi, Kerala, consider companies such as EV Interiors, which are innovative interior design experts. Before you engage any designer, look into the company’s history and previous accomplishments, such as EV Interiors’ commitment to individual designs and top-quality artistry. Define the project’s goals and work closely with the designer you choose to create every detail, including the layout and colour schemes, lighting, and furniture selection. Discuss your preferred design style- elegant, modern, or traditional- to align with your goals. Ensure the budget is established before starting to ensure you can proceed confidently. Whether EV Interiors or a similarly trustworthy company, you can transform your office or living space into a customized, functional, and aesthetically pleasant environment that reflects your style of living and personal preferences.