Top 10 Best Flat Interior Design Ideas

flat interior design

This blog explores 10 flat interior design ideas that can transform even the most compact spaces into stylish havens. There’s a lot to learn about decorating your home, and we asked designers with small spaces to share ideas that can make you think big, even if you’re short on space. With innovative styling and clever storage strategies, it’s possible to accommodate everything you require without feeling overwhelmed, even if your kitchen only accommodates two people.

Before you get the hammer, double-check with the landlord what you can and can’t do to improve your apartment. Your parents will likely be in total shock!
Limited space requires innovative solutions to maximize functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The top interior designers in Kerala, “EV Interiors,” have you covered! We know the importance of designing attractive and practical spaces within an affordable budget. Here are some creative ideas for elevating every inch of your apartment without breaking the bank.

Things enhance Flats’ beauty and efficiency.

1. Optimise Tiny Kitchen

Small kitchens needn’t be cramped. Use space-saving storage options, such as shelves that can be pulled out for pantry use or vertical cupboards. A modular kitchen with built-in storage could make an enormous difference.

 2. Use Color Wisely

Colour can visually expand or warm up an area. If you live in a small apartment, opt for lighter, neutral shades that create an impression of spaciousness. Utilize pops of colour to give personality but not overpower the space.

3. Get Some Art on the Walls

Colour can visually expand or warm up an area. If you live in a small apartment, opt for lighter, neutral shades that create an impression of spaciousness. Utilize pops of colour to give personality but not overpower the space.

4. Ceiling Works

Do not overlook the possibilities of your ceiling when you are thinking about your apartment’s design. Explore ceilings with tray ceilings or exposed beams. You can also use distinctive lighting fixtures that give visual interest and increase the height of your living space.

5. Personalize the Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be customized by adding the correct elements. Choose high-quality products and bath towels to show your style. A chic rug can bring warmth to your home, or greenery can create a spa-like feeling.

6. Set Up an Entryway

Making small spaces look more appealing is achievable with a few stylish pieces. It’s ideal for small entrances. Add a console table, mirror, and hooks to hang coats and bags to create a cozy and welcoming entranceway. Consider adding a bench with shoe storage beneath to store additional necessities.

7. Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting that is appropriately designed can change the mood of a plain. Combine different kinds of lighting, such as task, ambient and accent lighting, to give the illusion of depth and function. Consider installing dimmer switches to increase the versatility of your lighting.

8. 3D Wall And Inbuilt Shelves

kerala style interior design

Install three-dimensional wall panelling to give your walls texture and depth. Install built-in shelves to store and display items, maximizing vertical space and minimizing clutter.

9. Split the Room Another Way

In open-concept flats, create distinct zones for different activities. Use room dividers, rugs, or even a clever furniture arrangement to separate dining, living, and sleeping spaces.

 10. Window Install Treatments

Make your apartment look more stylish by adding elegant window treatments. Pick options that will give you privacy but allow sunlight to pass through. Try combining curtains with blinds to increase the flexibility.

 Low-budget flat interior design ideas

1.  Interior Design Ideas for Bedroom

● Select a minimal style to maximize space while keeping costs low.

● Use multifunctional furniture, like a bed with built-in storage or an adjustable desk that folds.

● Choose a neutral colour palette for bedding and walls to create a tranquil mood.

●Decorate your home with inexpensive accessories such as cushions, rugs and wall art to give your home personal flair without breaking the bank.

● Think about DIY projects, such as   recycling furniture or creating art to personalize the space further

2.  Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

● Start by cleaning and tidying the area to make it more open and welcoming.

● Make sure you have a comfortable sectional or sofa that’s right for your budget and the dimensions of your living space.

● Integrate natural elements such as potted plants or an indoor garden to breathe new life into the space.

● Find affordable decorative objects such as vintage or homemade accents that add ambience to your space without spending a fortune

3.  Interior Design Ideas for Kids Room

● Make your storage solutions with shelves mounted to the wall, underneath-bed storage bins, or colourful baskets.

● Choose sturdy, easy-to-clean furniture that will endure active kids’ physical wear and tear.

● Let your children’s imaginative side be free with themed décor, which can easily change as they age.

● Make enjoyable DIY projects like the chalkboard wall or a reading area to foster the imagination and encourage learning.

● Ensure the colour scheme is lively and bright to reflect your child’s personality and create a happy atmosphere.

4. Interior Design Ideas for Dining Room

●Look at multifunctional furniture, such as an eating table with built-in storage or an extendable table for seating guests in the dining room.

● Blend and match chairs found at thrift stores or flea markets for an eclectic, budget-friendly style.

● At reasonable prices, table linens, placemats, and dinnerware can create the tone for dinner without breaking the bank.

● Make an attractive focal point using a statement-making spotlight and a wall made of cheap art.

● Integrate furniture that folds or stacks so it is easily moved and stored, leaving the area open to other uses.


● Increase storage space using shelving and kitchen cabinetry modified to suit your needs and budget.

Choose cost-effective materials, such as vinyl or laminate, for countertops and backsplashes.

Choose appliances that are energy efficient, which will help you save money on your energy bills in the long run.

●  Use vertical space to store the hanging racks and hooks to hang pots, pans and other utensils.

●Be creative with your arrangement by using containers with labels such as drawer dividers, drawer dividers, or pull-out baskets to keep things neat and easily accessible.


With these affordable interior design tips from EV Interiors, you can transform your home into a chic and practical area that shows your style and style without costing a fortune. Let your imagination run wild, and let every part of your house reflect your style!

Designing a minimalist, low-budget interior does not have to be challenging or costly. Using these creative ideas and showcases for projects makes it possible to transform the living area into a beautiful home with no expense. Be sure to emphasize functionality and ease of use, choose multifunctional furniture, play with patterns and colours, and use vertical space. Do not overlook the impact of sunlight.

Balance is critical in the realm of flat interior design. By embracing minimalist principles, maximizing space, playing with light and color, and infusing your personality into every detail, you can craft a stylish and inviting living space that embodies the essence of flat interior design. With thoughtful planning and a touch of imagination, even the most compact flat can be transformed into a cozy haven that showcases the best flat interior design. So, unleash your creativity, and let flat interior design elevate your living experience.