Choose The 5 Best Interior Designers In Ernakulam 

interior designers in ernakulam

Are you looking for the best interior designers in Ernakulam? Here are the most popular Interior Designers in ernakulam. Ernakulam’s unique attraction is its architectural beauty and beauty, which inspires people’s curiosity in designing stunning environments for their workplaces or homes. India’s interior design and transformation sector has experienced significant growth in the last few years. The residents of Ernakulam prefer comfort, convenience and pleasure in their work and living areas. Therefore, they seek interior decorators to improve their interiors.

Social media plays an essential function in connecting designers to people who are looking for their expertise. There is a growing focus on proper residential and commercial construction design to make buildings more functional, efficient and attractive. Interior design is becoming more fashionable and beautiful, and customers seek design styles that reflect their individuality. Explore the following list of Interior Designers located in Ernakulam to find the one most suitable for your requirements. The designers can translate your dreams of design into reality, improving the appeal and utility of your space.

5 Best Interior Designers In Ernakulam

1. EV Interiors

EV Interiors Designing Company, located in Thrissur, is establishing itself as a leading company in this field over the past four years. They specialize in providing custom designs that can be designed for residential and commercial areas. This has given them the name of the most trusted business in Kerala. They are known for their imaginative and creative designs. With a team that includes highly experienced designers, EV Interior  is one of the best interior designers in kerala. Each project completed by the team shows their passion for excellence. They pay attention to every aspect, from the initial stages of the design process to finalization. This results in distinct outcomes.

Understanding the importance of knowing their client’s needs and preferences, EV Interior Designing Company uniquely takes each project, ensuring the final design matches the client’s style and needs. Whether it’s for a home remodel or creating the ideal workspace, their flexibility and experience allow their clients to make any room into a stunning and efficient setting.

EV Interior Designing Company has been a pioneer in the field since 2014. They provide completely customized designs for residential and commercial areas. If you’re looking to make your dream a reality, EV Interior Designing Company is the perfect partner for taking it to the next level.


Working with EV Interiors was such a wonderful experience! They are genuinely the best Interior designers in Thrissur. Since we first met, they were attentive to our imaginations and suggestions. The staff was professional throughout our entire experience. What impressed me was their focus on detail and dedication to high quality. They transformed our home into something that was beyond our expectations. We are grateful to EV Interiors for making our dream space a reality!


It’s been a true pleasure working together with EV interiors. They are aware of not just the aesthetic aspect, but the practical aspects of renovating. They offered practical, helpful guidance. EV interiors greatly improved the design of our home as she was attentive to our requirements. The service was efficient and punctually. I highly recommend The best interior designers in thrissur EV interiors.



Address: 2nd floor, Vadakkethala Tower, Sastha Nagar, Patturaikkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680002


Phone: 075599 18807

2. Fogalom Designs – Interior Designer and Architect

Interior and architectural design should revolve naturally around your client and not the reverse. Each of our projects is an individual reflection of our client’s personality. With our diverse expertise, we can offer our customers the most fresh and innovative viewpoint on their interior design projects.

We’ve completed more than 100 projects with our design and interior services, each carefully created to reflect the client’s preferences and needs. Our architectural expertise applies to residential and commercial projects, showing our versatility and flexibility across various buildings. With our skilled and experienced designers, we ensure the highest quality in all aspects of our work, with precision and accuracy in the execution. Timely delivery of projects is a fundamental element of our business and is evident by our record of consistently working to deadlines and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Our interior design and architecture services include various options, such as fabric, furniture lighting, visualizations, lighting designs,  kitchen cabinet hardware ideas and more. We appreciate your time and work hard to ensure that your experience through our company is effortless. Contact us to begin your design journey.


Address: 39/6246, Alapattu, Alappat Cross Road, Ravipuram, Ernakulam, Kerala 682016

Phone: 096054 22333

3. Judson Associates

Judson Associates Pvt Ltd is the interior designers in Erakulam. It is an art studio founded by P.R Judson in 1990 and is the recipient of two world records for its art URF World Records and America Book of records As the best interior & building architects in Kochi, Kerala, Judson Associates conjures unique and sophisticated intelligence to come up with ideal designs based on our clients’ vision. Our ability to invoke sophisticated patterns and concepts gives us an edge over the rest. Professionals are employed professionally, with the help of modern & new technologies and qualified professionals, to create a versatile design style of non-commercial nature.


Address: 14/390 H1,6th Floor, KNA Plaza Junction, Kundannoor, Maradu, Ernakulam, Kerala 682304

Phone: 086061 59555

4. Livspace

Livspace is a famous interior designer and maintenance platform based in Kochi, offering homeowners comprehensive interior design services. For LivSpace clients, homeowners gain the ability to transform their homes into beautiful and functional designs that suit their needs and desires. Livspace is a seamless experience for homeowners with a complete interior design and planning service.

The process begins with a discussion with the Livspace team, where we learn about the client’s budgeting needs and preferred strategy. Based on that information, custom designs and 3D models help clients visualize their ideal spaces. Once the design is complete, LivSpace oversees the entire process, including procurement installation and project management.

Livspace works with a team of skilled professionals, such as interior designers, contractors, and suppliers, for high-quality work and fast delivery. Livspace offers various options for indoor spaces to suit tastes and preferences, from modern contemporary to selected antique furnishings. They also provide solutions for different rooms in the home, such as bedrooms, living rooms inside the bathroom, kitchen and much more. Kochi-based Livspace offers reliable and convenient solutions for professionals and homeowners who want to upgrade their premises by providing effective interior design. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes LivSpace a reliable choice for city services.


Address: Ground floor, Geo Centre, NH bypass, near St. George Syro Malabar Church, Chakkaraparambu, Vennala, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682032

Phone: 080 4697 1177

5. Concord Design Studio

Concord Design Studio welcomes you to our world of design and furniture, where a blend of texture, colour and practicality will open up endless possibilities. We at Concord Design Studio strive to create unique workspaces and living spaces that reflect each individual’s style and desires. Our business is founded on customizing and ensuring that each piece of furniture you purchase, from wardrobes and shelves to kitchen cabinets and counters, furniture to furniture–is perfectly customized to meet your requirements and personal preferences.

Enter a space where your wishes and desires take center stage. We believe in creating spaces that reflect your style aspirations and giving each space a distinctive personality that reflects your style and preferences. Suppose you are looking for simple, rustic, or contemporary elegance. In that case, Our team is committed to making your dreams a reality by paying care and attention to detail—quality craftsmanship. Let the world be the limit of your imagination, and allow Concord Design Studio to be your partner in creating your dream interior into reality, one bit of perfection at the moment. We invite you to live in a world where innovation meets inspiration and where every place will tell your story uniquely.

Explore our expertise in modern office design and discover how we can transform your workspace into a hub of contemporary functionality and style.


Address: 3rd floor, KBS Safa Plaza, Geethanjali Junction, near Popular Hyundai, Vyttila, Kochi, Kerala 682019

Phone: 081119 82007


Ernakulam is blessed with many successful interior designers and architects who have made the city a harmonious blend of ancient and modern. Moreover, they are the best interior designers in Ernakulam, and those mentioned above are just a few prominent ones. They are also available all over the world. Once you choose a designer you like, set a cost and go accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you have a separate property, a villa, a luxury home in Thrissur, or even if the hands of a skilled artisan can make your home more enjoyable.

Their knowledge and experience enable them to transform your space into a gorgeous, functional place that meets your needs. Get tips from them on how to make your home more functional and attractive. Hiring an interior designer with a lot of experience in a style similar to yours is recommended. They can help you get the best results without any disappointment. Consider hiring professionals from the review of interior designers in kochi to enhance your stay there. Schedule a call, make an appointment and discuss your ideas and needs. Think about the main points of conversation, and choose the one that interests you the most. They are the budget interior designers in kochi. I hope you found this article informative.Trust EV Interiors to be your partner in creating the perfect designer for your home.