9 Best Colour Combination For Modular Kitchen

Best colour combination for modular kitchen

EV Interiors is a Thrissur-based  furniture and design agency that is powered by creativity and interaction. Everyday, when we get started we get inspiration from the surroundings.These sparks of inspiration combined with our passion for experimentation drive us to develop ecologically sustainable and balanced designs to our clients like you.A home isn’t just the creation of an architect. It must be a place in which people and their families reside.

Things change and the way we live alters. Being interior design experts in Thrissur We address every aspect of your decorating requirements, from ambience to the 9 best color combination for  modular kitchen by taking into account the lighting, furniture styles and wall decor. As per Vastu Shastras, the colors of orange, brown and white, as well as yellow and green are some of the most effective 9 best color combination for kitchen. They create a serene and warm atmosphere while also stimulating the appetite.

Best Colour combination for Modular kitchen

9 Best colour combination for  modular kitchen talented and dedicated team of interior designers, architects, furniture designers, architects, and contractors will face any obstacles that might arise on the path to designing your dream home. We understand that the surroundings, whether it’s your home or office, can inspire you to achieve and being a part of your accomplishment is a major thing for us. Therefore, EV Interiors, the best interior designer in Thrissur will help you create a space that is enjoyable.

Metallic Accent Color

Metallic accents work with neutral and striking palettes They can be made to use in any space in your home. From silver and gold to copper, brass or rose gold hues, it is possible to bring a hint of metallic tones on interior walls in your house for a luxurious style.Metallic accents are great with neutral and strong colors,  9 Best colour combination for modular kitchen and you can use them to enhance any space in your home to create the perfect 9 best colour combination for  modular kitchen.

The most suitable color for modular kitchens in homes with deep-toned walls such as chocolate, coffee brown slate grey, charcoal dark sage, dark tan, burnt orange, or yellow A design such as Sprinkle in gold metallic in Berger’s Silk Illusions Design Metallica range will help to create a fascinating room with a royal ambiance.

Blush Pink and White

Pink is a fantastic method to stop the look of a monochrome kitchen too boring or sterile. A wall with a pink accent in a kitchen with black and white adds an element of feminine appeal and instantly makes the kitchen look more contemporary. 9 Best color combination for  modular kitchen the ideal kitchen interior color scheme for modular kitchens. Colours that go well with blush pink are mint as well as sage and deeper forest greens.

Blush is also stunning when paired with a deep traditional black, or classic navy to create an elegant, feminine look.A color combination for modular kitchen delicate pale blush, or just barely pink beige can make excellent choices in Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian or Traditional kitchens.Consider incorporating pink into a crucial area of your kitchen design. For example, a big cabinet like an exhibit unit or pink dining chair and table. The other areas of your kitchen are neutral so that pink can play the lead role. For a small kitchen design relaxing look opt for white floors and walls and natural wood tones.

Yellow and Grey Kitchen Colour Combination

Modern shades of yellow and grey give this modern kitchen a luminous character. Modular cabinets have high-gloss surfaces with intense yellow, tempered by grey slab counters. The backsplash of mosaic tiles makes an impressive statement in the room by blending grey and yellow tiles to bring the color scheme together.

Best color combination of a modular kitchen Yellow and grey is the perfect combination. Yellow, a lively and cheerful splash of color is a warm and inviting colour that brightens a room and brings a sense of happiness, while also creating a bigger look for your home. Grey, a timeless, elegant hue, seamlessly blends with other colors and makes a room appear more sophisticated and modern.

Backsplash Tiles with Natural Wood

Generally speaking, you can put tile for a backsplash when porous materials like bamboo or cork can be sealed. But, building codes demand an opening between the wall and the range to ensure the safety of any materials.

Utilizing wood planks for interior designs, specifically kitchens, can be a fantastic method to add texture to the walls. It is possible to keep the natural look of the wood or paint them with your preferred hue.
A backsplash is a wall that is placed in a straight line on the wall behind the countertop, which houses the sink and stove. It is designed to shield the wall from splashes of water or oil splashes and other stains. The kitchen’s metaphorical armor is an easy-to-clean surface.

Classic Color Combo of White, Beige, and Grey

Grey and white are often enhanced with neutral metallics to create an elegant look. You can also add copper, gold, and brass to add warmth to the room.  Best color combination for a modular kitchens  also possible to bring a rustic and warm feel to the room by adding natural wood shades, such as countertops or an island for your kitchen.

The best choice is to select an Modular kitchen color scheme that incorporates warm shades of gray that complement the beige. A combination of light greys that is almost off white is an alternative. On the other hand warm beige walls can create a tranquil and relaxed look when paired with soft grey sofas or furniture.

All White for Natural Light

The best color combination for modular kitchens is a naturally lit white kitchen design that is naturally lit. The large diningroom windows, skylights and glass doors fill the space with sunshine creating a light and bright ambience. White countertops, cabinets and walls add to the effect by reflecting light, creating a kitchen that is spacious and fresh.

With a white, crisp background (or warm and creamy White) it’s the perfect blank canvas to build the kitchen you’ve always wanted. For it to work within your home, pick an appropriate shade to match the interior. Make use of textures and contrasts to prevent the room from becoming flat. If you can include natural lighting.

The all-white kitchen design has long been a favorite among homeowners as well as interior designers. Modular kitchen colors with its clean and bright design, it will create an air of simplicity, freshness, and style that never goes out of fashion.

Bright Red with a Tint of White

White is the perfect background for a vivid shade of scarlet. Therefore, we recommend including red kitchen stools next to white cabinets with high gloss or an white gloss kitchen island with seating so that the cabinets’ finish will shine. Red is a strong and powerful color. commercial interior designers it is closely associated with the element of fire and may increase enthusiasm and energy. When it comes to cooking, the red color can increase energy and appetite. It is however recommended to limit the use of red since too much could cause over stimulation.

Dark hues can make a kitchen appear smaller and cramped. They absorb light, which makes the room appear dark and unattractive. Red is a stimulant for appetite and is commonly employed in restaurants. But, it is too strong and overwhelming in the kitchen.

Here are a few of the most frequently used colors in interior design, as well as a bit of the reasons why each of them: Red invokes power, determination and passion. It also represents fear, anger and hunger. Red is an excellent color to use as an accent, particularly in kitchens.

Dark Wood for Modular Kitchen Design

Plywood is chosen due to its durability. This is a type of engineered wood made by pressing veneer sheets using resins. Although it’s a little more expensive it is still the most sought-after material for kitchens due to its durability.

Plywood is commonly utilized in kitchens that are modular because of its strength, durability and resistance against moisture. Created by layering thin sheets of wood veneer before bonding the layers with glue, plywood is renowned for its strength and dimensional stability which makes it less prone to cracks or warping the 9 best colour combination for modular kitchen helps.

The most appropriate color scheme for modular kitchen thrissur. In line with 2024’s kitchen trends Green kitchens are popular, ranging from light sage to forest-green. We’re in love with deep reds, sunshine yellow, and even Barbie pink. No matter what your kitchen’s design is, contemporary, rustic or country We have the perfect shade that’ll make your space look more inviting.

Blue And White for Pastel Colors

Blue is a trendy kitchen color and is a good option for a timeless kitchen. If you’re considering redesigning or redecorating the kitchen with the 9 best colour combination for modular kitchen scheme Here are plenty of ideas for timeless and stylish design.

The ideal of 9 best colour combination for modular kitchens is light blues paired with white and lighter brown hues to create an elegant look throughout the design. Pick a blue that is chalky or a pastel shade for your wall and unit cabinets. They are offset by white walls, shelves and other details. Best 9 colour combination for modular kitchen from cobalt to navy, a blue kitchen can be used across designs and eras and is never going out of fashion. Choose blue paint color with a semi-gloss or gloss finish to highlight intricate woodwork or opt for a lacquered or high-gloss finish to add the glitz.


If you are looking to create the ideal kitchen The selection of sun mica is a crucial part. The right sunmica-color combination can elevate your kitchen’s design, function as well as individual design. Think about the theme, the size of your room and lighting, the existing elements, and your personal preferences before deciding on the sunmica hues.

No matter if you pick classic neutrals or bold shades each one contributes to the overall harmonious look of the kitchen. The EV interior designers in kerala brand is a top laminate manufacturer that gives you the most recent design of laminates to decorate your kitchen.