Famous Interior Designers in Kerala

Famous Interior Designers in Kerala

Kerala unfolds as a picturesque paradise,  where lush landscapes and vibrant traditions blend seamlessly, making a breathtaking visual spectacle. Kerala’s interior design stands out as a highlight; turning spaces into living artworks that capture its spirit. Kerala’s interiors not only showcase aesthetic appeal; they embody rich heritage while remaining contemporary at once.

Professional interior designers play an essential role in Kerala’s unique symphony of design. Going beyond mere decoration, their role extends well beyond mere decor. EV Interior, one of the Famous Interior Designers in Kerala  serve as storytellers who bring to life Kerala’s unique essence through intricate details from local craftsmanship as well as contemporary elements seamlessly integrated. We are the best interior designers in Kerala Join us on this voyage where every corner becomes canvas and each room tells its own narrative! Investing in professional interior design services not only elevates spaces aesthetically; rather it brings Kerala alive while attesting to how profound an effect spaces have on people lives!


famous interior designers in kerala

Kerala-style house interior is  an unparalleled fusion of cultural heritage and modern aesthetics, creating spaces that exude warmth, elegance and timeless charm. Their hallmark feature is often intricate woodwork decorating ceilings, door frames and furniture; dark polished wood adorned with intricately carved traditional motifs brings a luxurious aesthetic while paying homage to Kerala’s exceptional craftsmanship.

Traditional Architectural Wonders of Kerala with Large windows strategically positioned to take advantage of natural lighting and offer panoramic views are a popular feature in Kerala homes. Vibrant earthy colors on walls complement wooden elements beautifully and add vibrancy and culture richness. Traditional Kerala textiles with bold patterns and bright hues often find a place in furnishings as they add cultural depth.

Contemporary house kerala style with Open spaces and courtyards are essential features, providing a connection between interior living spaces and outdoor life. Courtyards typically feature blooming plants and seating arrangements to offer a peaceful retreat within their walls.

Bedroom, dining room, living room, etc in modern Kerala house design offer tranquil havens of peace and relaxation, boasting wooden furniture and textiles that reflect their cultural roots. Canopy bed, intricately designed wardrobes and antique pieces add an air of timeless luxury.

Kerala traditional house interior offers an exquisite celebration of tradition and craftsmanship that pays homage to their region’s natural surroundings. Such homes serve as living testaments of its diverse cultural tapestry.


Initial Consultaion

Concept Development and Design

Construction and Execution

Installation and Styling


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Luxury Home Interior

Kerala Budget Home Design


architectural planning

Architectural Planning

At our interior design company, one of the core services offered is architectural planning which involves creating space-planning strategies to optimize functionality, aesthetics and efficiency while creating distinct yet purposeful interior environments for our clients.

2D & 3D Visualization

Our interior design company offers 2D & 3D visualization, which transforms ideas into vivid images for clients to get a realistic preview of their proposed spaces before implementation begins.

Cost Estimation

Our interior design firm’s Estimation and Costing  service ensures accurate assessment and forecasting of project costs, in accordance with clients’ budget constraints and timeline.


one of our cornerstone services in interior design, involves personal meetings with clients to assess their unique design requirements and provide expert guidance as they embark on their design journey.

Interior Decoration

Decor Our design company’s core service for interior decorating focuses on improving spaces by blending aesthetic choices,colours in interior design, textures, and furniture to create visually appealing environments for our clients.

Interior Furniture Design

One of our featured services at Homescape Interiors, interior furniture designing involves crafting unique solutions that combine style and function in order to enhance spaces while meeting our clients’ individual preference


  • Complete customisation
  • Out perfect 2D & 3D design
  • Factory products
  • On time delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Opportunity to select accessories
  • Best pricing & products
  • 100% customer satisfaction


“EV Interiors is an incredible design powerhouse! From concept to implementation, they created an exceptional space that outdid my expectations. Their attention to detail and personalized touch truly set them apart – my home has never looked better!”

Ramesh K - Palakkad

A huge thanks goes out to EV Interiors for helping make my home an absolute masterpiece! Their team’s creative ideas and dedication in producing custom designs were evident from day one – now I live my dream space thanks to them!”

Suhra R - Malappuram

“EV Interiors was truly transformative! Their team not only understood my vision but elevated it further. With their meticulous approach and passion for excellence, I know I really can count on EV Interiors Team for any future design needs and recommend them!”

James C. - Thrissur



1. What are the first steps of the interior design process?

Our first step in every design project begins with scheduling a consultation to discuss your vision, requirements, and preferences to fully grasp the scope of work needed and tailor our services accordingly. 

2. Can I participate in decision-making during my design project?

 Absolutely, client involvement and input is highly encouraged! Your preferences and feedback play an invaluable role in creating customized designs that reflect your vision.

3. Will there be an upfront cost estimate for interior design project?

Yes, after our initial consultation we provide a cost estimate based on your scope of work, materials, and services required. Pricing transparency is of upmost importance and we work within your budget to meet it. 

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